what bag do u use for school? Galliera or NF??

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WHich bag is better for school?

  1. Galliera

  2. Neverfull

  3. others?

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I'm thinking for my next bag i wanna get a bag that is good for school, didn't really like NF ever since it came out, cuz I thought it is really simple and didn't have enough pockets.
    would the galliera be better??

    or gimme some other suggestions!
    what do u use for school??
  2. Batignolles horizontal:smile:
  3. is that one big enough??
  4. i love the Galliera, but not for school. Maybe a Totally would be better for your needs?
  5. galliera!
  6. I saw a girl wearing Damier Ebene Saleya MM in my school
  7. Galliera is pretty but not practical for school. I vote for Neverfull.
  8. Neverfull!!!
  9. Monty GM for Uni! Galliera is too fancy for my books and pens!
  10. Neverfull you can just throw your stuff in your bag. If you don't want the Neverfull then try the Totally or Saleya.
  11. Love my galliera!!!!
  12. From one student to another. Don't get the NF as a school bag unless you are not carrying any more than 5 pounds. I had a GM and used it for everything that had to do with my classes. I would put my macbook pro 15in in it, along with notebooks and textbooks. And those straps are very thin. I use to get marks on my shoulder from using my bag. I think it also messed with my balance since I was walking with my torso slanting to the opposite side. The bag can definitely hold up to the weight but I don't think my shoulder was very happy. I hope you find the right bag for you! Good luck! :smile:
  13. neverfull!!! i was never a fan of it either, infact, when it first came out i hated it!! but it slowly grew on me and i just got the neverfull GM in december and have been using it for school AND going out and I LOVE IT!!!!! it fits literally EVERYTHING. i carry my books & netbook in there + tons of other junk!

  14. Same for me, except I got the Damier Ebene MM in January. It's a great bag. If I could suggest another bag, it would be the Noe. I had this bag, but gave it to my sister because she really liked it. I plan on getting another one very soon, and also a Mono NF GM.
  15. ^^ i really want the noe too!! did you have petit or the big size?