what bag do u bring to work????

  1. purse and a tote/briefcase? just a purse? just a big tote?

    any pics? thanks!
  2. It really depends. Mostly a big sig tote.
  3. I tend to carry my Large Carly Sig to work. It's nice because I can throw my umbrella in there if it's going to rain, and of course my lunch if I remember to make it! ;) I carry my Medium Carly if I have less to carry that day or I drive.
  4. I like to change purses every day or two. I like to switch between Coach, Gucci and LV. It really depends on what I am wearing which purse I carry.
  5. Normally it's whatever I carry when at home! Right now I'm using my new Legacy Swingpack so I just stick it in my backpack to go to work. I work nights so I have to pack a ton of snacks and magazines and my laptop (just in case it's not busy). The swingpack is perfect for me right now!!
  6. I'm currently a stay-home-mom but if I needed a good work bag, I would vote Legacy slim tote or Gigi depending on what you need to haul back and forth to work.
  7. Right now I'm unemployed so my black leather Ali goes with me on all my job interviews! Once I find a job I will carry her or any other Coaches to work...Chelsea satchel, sig stripe totes, etc.

    The only Coach I won't bring to work is my sig stripe demi in khaki...it's pretty small and a little too casual for the office, IMO.
  8. I always carry big bags to work because I have so much stuff I have to bring- lunch, notebook, book, magazine, wallet, etc. I usually alternate between my large signature tote and my ali.
  9. Depends on what I'm wearing and the time of the year, and it varies wildly. I have a grey and black monogram wool carryall (forget the name of it...it's like 6yrs old...Hampton maybe???) that I carry in the fall/winter and if I'm carrying light, then a Vuitton pochette Marly or Speedy (year round). Summertime I switch up more often, different light colored bags that match my outfit. Sometimes I use my green or red Coach makeup case as a clutch. I don't use them as makeup cases anyway. My makeup cases are cheapies. The Coach ones are leather and very nice.
  10. Purse and a laptop bag for me...
  11. I almost always carry my black signature Legacy Shoulder bag-- occasionally my pink vernis LV, but the black is less "OMG LOOK AT ME", kwim?
  12. my denim stripe signature tote! i love her!
  13. None.. too afraid somebody will steal her! I do stick my legacy wristlet in there though..
  14. I rotate bags frequently. I work in retail so my bag stays in my locker for the most part. So the only time it sees the light of day is when I am walking in the building and when I am leaving.
  15. I am currently carrying my black leather Legacy Satchel and I love it! Prior to that I was carrying my black leather Ergo Tote.