What bag do I take to Paris?

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  1. I am packing for my weekend away and I cannot decide what bag to take.
    Do I take my oak Mollie, my choco bayswater, my oak Roxanne, my black Emmy or my black Seth messenger bag?
    I am torn because I have heard that pick-pocketing is a problem.
    Should I just play it safe and take the messenger bag?

    Please, someone who has done the weekend in Paris thing...advise me!
  2. I would bring your Mollie. I remember reading on a previous thread that the French preferred to buy Chocolate Mulberry bags....so maybe the bayswater would be a better choice. Can you bring two for variety?
  3. Are you spending Valentines weekend in Paris? How lucky some people are
  4. Mollie, and the messenger bag for day! Pack me, too, as I'm an old bag!!:p:p
  5. Mollie :tup: Easier to carry than the Bayswater, Roxanne & Emmy. Plus, it zips at the top so you don't need to worry about pickpockets and it looks a bit more chic than the messenger.
  6. I would say Mollie too, I haven't been to Paris but surely pickpocketing is rife in London too?
  7. I had a long weekend in Paris last year, and I brought with me a messenger-bag (just a bit bigger than Seth) for walking the streets/seeing the sights, a Botkier Bianca bag for when I wanted to look more stylish when shopping :p, and a clutch to go out in the evening. It was perfect! I used the messenger bag and the clutch the most. Very practical with the messenger bag when walking around and taking the metro. Have a nice trip!:tup:
  8. Absolutely. But she's less likely to be off-guard, checking out a map, lost etc in London.
  9. I suppose, I used to only ever carry messenger bags abroad until I read that people would steal them by cutting the straps as they whizzed past on motorbikes/mopeds!
  10. I know how to walk in London. It is a confident "I know where i am going, so get out of my way" walk that all other Londoners use.
    I just think in Paris I am going to be walking around smiling thinking everything is amazing. In London we know that people walking down the street smiling are either tourists or nutters.
  11. Or both :upsidedown:
  12. :nuts::nuts:Hey now, I resemble that remark!!!! That's what DH and I will look like!! I'll have to make sure that Dh is wearing shorts with socks and shoes and a goofy hat and we are wearing matching shirts!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: But I will be carrying a Mulberry!
  13. I think I should write a book for tourists to show them how to blend in when visiting London...

    Lesson one: never make eye contact or speak to anyone on the train unless they are stepping on your foot and preventing you from getting out at your stop. And if you sit on a wet seat, don't bother getting up, the damage is already done! :yucky:
    Lesson two: NO waterproof jackets, we use umbrellas here.
    Lesson three: never use a phone box unless you really do enjoy being in an enclosed space with an overwhelming smell of wee!
    Lesson four: Garfunkels and Aberdeen steakhouse are overpriced ick.
    Lesson five: If you are staying more than a few days, buy a pre-pay Oyster card.

    I could go on and on.
    I am sure there are many people in Paris thinking the same thing about tourists. But if someone wrote a book like that, I would buy it!!:yes:
  14. Oh no one cares about things like that, we just don't talk to each other.
    When I first came to London I was a naive young girl :angel: but after a few "what are you looking at?", I toughened up tout de suite (I have been brushing up on the Ole Francais)!!
  15. :lol: :tup: