What bag didn't work for you...and why?

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  1. Hi Ladies. I thought we might try to learn from each other's mistakes...and hear some analyses of any BE bags that we bought that didn't work for us -- for any reason -- or that we fell out of love with.

    I haven't returned or sold any BE bags. I love my Black Crash Love Me...however, I wish it weren't sooo big. It doesn't work for me as an every day bag in my current lifestyle. If I lived in a city, it would be my constant companion. But with a car lifestyle...I just don't need to cart around that much stuff, and the bag gets cumbersome in and out of a car. But as a bag to walk and subway around a city...it's the ultimate. I take it for business trips to Manhattan. I wanted to love the Love Me Mini, but it didn't have the same pizazz for me. And the Love Me Midi was a bespoke order, and I couldn't get involved in that one.

    But the trend seems to be for smaller bags, as Jackie's bags have all gotten smaller for Fall 08.

    Anyway, bottom line...I adore my LOVE ME, but it doesn't work so well for my lifestyle.
  2. TG - Well with regards to BE bags, I only have one, the TMA and it is big for everyday. So, I use it when I'm travelling between London and Amsterdam, or city breaks, and it suits my purpose...but the drawstring can be fiddly, it's not so easy to get in and out, especially as I always have a big water bottle in my hand!. However, I was also on the hunt for an everyday, medium sized bag to run around in, hence going for the bespoke LM midi in dark grey, BUT, I am still on the fence about it! What originally lured me to it was the dark grey leather, which I LOVE, however, I think I jumped in a tad too quickly....and wasn't sure what to expect, maybe that's my naivety, who knows!!? :s
  3. The LMM truly didn't work for me. It was too small for my 5"11 frame and a little too structured for my taste. I much prefer the regular LM; it just slouches soooooo nicely and for me is the perfect size!
  4. I love my black crash IM, but sometimes the shoulder straps don't stay on quite as well as I would like - normally when I'm wearing a sweater or a "slippery" sports-type jacket (I know - that visual must have fashionistas reeling!). I purchased a black ergo strap from evilbay, but the IM straps, being tapered and then larger toward the bag itself, don't allow the ergo strap to snap on....The straps on the IM are beautiful anyway, so it seems like a shame to cover even one of them up. DH swears he can find a non-sticky adhesive pad to put on one strap, but I'm too chicken to let him!

    My only complaint about a BE bag....
  5. I only had/have 2.....the Love Me and the Indulge Me. I sent the LM back because it looked too big on me...I wish I had the chance to try on someone's broken in LM because Id get a better idea of its true size that way....but brand new it wasn't a good fit for me

    The IM is less deep and sits better on my shoulder
  6. From what I'm hearing...buying without seeing and trying on is a challenge! I think we need to see true modeling pix, on the shoulder, the bag vis a vis the body-- on each other-- and also, really honest reviews about the pros and cons of a bag when you get one. Until Jackie sells into U.S. stores...we need to rely on each other.
    One issue is design glitch. (ex.: straps) Another issue is misjuding size. And a third is if it fits into your lifestyle or not.
  7. Excellent thread TropicalGal. The first BE bag I bought was the Love Me, in petrol. It looked so wonderful in the action shot that Jackie had on the sight. So pretty, so stylish, so posh, yet casual. Didn't work for me because it was huge on me! Not to mention all the straps just wrecked havoc. Too much chaos whenever I would try to find things. I still love the style, but it's just not for me. If I could take a LMM out for a test run, maybe I'd go for that, but I think at this point, I should steer clear and stick with my Stroke Me's as they seem to work the best for me.
  8. Another thing I've learned from reading other BE threads...is that some ladies like a bag, but only in a certain color. I know CityChris had several different Love Me's until she settled on the color leather that seemed to make the bag work for her.
    CityChris -- can you tell us about this? It's really interesting, how a bag can work for you, even size wise, only in a certain color.
  9. The first BE bag I ordered I returned - it was an IM in light grey. I loved the idea of the bag and the look of the bag, but when I saw how light the colour was I thought I would have it trashed in a week!

    Also, I like to carry my bags in my hand (although I might use a messenger strap sometimes) and the handles of the IM were too wide to do so.

    I tried it on my shoulder but it was a bit neat if I'm honest - I'm not as svelte as I once was (unfortunately!), so all in all, the bag didn't work for me and I was really disappointed - that is, until I exchanged it for my petrol IY Tote!!!
  10. The first BE I bought was the LM dark grey. I loved this bag and carried it for a while but always felt it was just a little too big for me. When I got my LMM I sold my LM. I probably wouldn't buy another LM as it is just too big for me.

    The second bag that didn't work for me was the SM. It was way too big so I exchange it for the SMM.
  11. One thing that I found is that with wear, my IM straps became easier to keep on my shoulder. I know a few of us have updated pics of our bags after a few months (or weeks LOL!) of wear, but I wonder if we can't update each other on how other bags are after they have worn in well....that may be helpful for new buyers of BE bags as well.

    A good example of this is my dark grey LM...what a difference from the day I popped that beauty out of the box! She has gotten less boxy with use and the straps are perfectly worn in for my shoulders now....also, as you guys know, the matte leather wears so wonderfully - it's like carrying a velvety security blanket with me!
  12. I wish the LM detachable strap was thinner. The middle rounded part is sooo huge so a bit of it always sticks out and makes it harder to keep on my shoulder. I wonder who has shoulders big enough to make it stay on. Maybe up to half an inch smaller would be nice for the rounded part that sticks out. I do use it alot though because I need the space.
  13. I think this thread is a great one in that 1) it is really tough to buy a bag when you can't try it on, and 2) what works for some situations might not work for others.

    I only have one BE--my dark grey Love Me, and it is an amazing bag. It was a bit larger than I expected, so I can't use it as an every day bag because--I, too--have a car lifestyle. However, whenever I need a larger bag, it works professionally or casually--and if I have a trip to a large city, to visit a client or a flight--that's my bag of choice. It really is one of the THE MOST GORGEOUS bags ever, and the dark grey has such a beautiful chameleon quality. Definitely a year round color with no problem.

    Since my midi is on the way to me (yea!), I'm hoping it will be the right size as my every day bag, and then the LM can be for when I need more space.

    I think getting some modeling pics online would be a GREAT help in getting people the right size perspective of each style. I hope Jackie will consider it.

    It also helps to remember that there's no one perfect bag for all occasions!
  14. Great thread TropicalGal!

    I bought and returned a petrol TMA from Muse Ten a few months ago. I LOVED the look of the bag online, and I adore the petrol color, but the bag just didn't look right on me. I don't know why. I can't explain it? I just didn't like the look of it 'on'.

    I really like bigger bags and wish I could afford a regular LM in black crash. I am going back to school and think that would be a great bag to tote around campus. I also really love the Stroke Me, but I want one in petrol. I *might* break down and get a chocolate or a wine one, but petrol is my HG bag probably!

    I am awaiting a SMM in purple. I'm nervous about this. I have a feeling that it will be too small for me and I might end up ebaying it since I can't return it because it was a bespoke. We'll see!!