what bag did you take to vegas

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  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering what bags you have taken on vegas trips. Last year i took a bag that was way too big and kept getting in the way. Do most people prefer cross-body bags, small shoulder bags, clutches, etc?
  2. I take both a big bag (to use both as my 2nd carry-on and a purse), and a clutch for going out at night. On my last trip, I carried a big bright green leather tote as my big bag, and a bronze leather clutch for night. One thing I love about Vegas: You can break out the brightly colored bags! Have fun!
  3. City BBag worked for me
  4. I like to carry my Bal City bags when I travel... I like the zip closure. However, if I go to Vegas again I might opt to carry a cross-body sling bag for the convenience of being "hands-free". Have fun in Vegas! It's a great time!
  5. All I needed was some cash, credit card, blackberry, camera, compact and lipgloss.
    My Chanel WOC fit the bill and it worked out perfectly!
  6. I take just about any bag I like, because I can always pop in the hotel room if I need to change outfits or something.. Vegas is a tiny little strip!
  7. No matter what bag you end up taking, just keep in mind it could end up smelling like cigarette. Mine did and I brought my Speedy 35. I had to air it out for a few days before it went away.
  8. I had a lot of bags with me b/c I went on a 2 week trip... California for the first week and the second week I spent in Las Vegas...

    I brought:
    - Damier NF MM
    *glad I did... Lots of LV!
    - White Coach leather tote *dunno what its called don't know a lot about Coach, my Mom bought it for me.
    - Gucci GG Canvas tote bag
    *great for when I dressed more casual

    Had 3 clutches for going to clubs/bars (I'm in my 20s)
    Mono Pochette, black coach wristlet, MBMJ clutch
  9. ...Oh and I had a cross body Gucci messenger (a smaller one) which I only wore in Disneyland (Cali)
  10. i like really gaudy bags for vegas (and this does not mean i think these bags are tacky, they simply aren't every day bags for my own lifestyle).

    LV in MC or miroir would be fabulous.
  11. I'm off to Vegas in exactly a week! I'm either taking RM black studded Nikki or Balenciaga black CGH pom pom, as I will be taking a bit of stuff onto the plane. I'm also taking RM black studded C Ya Later clutch for night or times when I don't want to lug a big bag around in the heat.
  12. My black city has been to Vegas a few times :smile: Such a workhorse!!
  13. I went last year for my bachelorette party and during the day, I carried my black Chanel Jumbo, and in the evening, I had a small clutch with me to use.
  14. I heading down to Vegas in September and Im wondering what to take as well.
    A few years ago on my last trip, I took a plain black medium sized black leather shoulder bag. This time around Im not sure.
    Im thinking just my COACH wristlet & tote to carry my new purchases but Id like to get a crossbody of some sort.
  15. Taking hubby to Vegas next yr...taking my Chanel Naked flap. It screams Vegas to me..lol