What bag did you hate but now Have to Have!

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  1. I saw a thread about what bags you thought you loved only to find that when you could have one you didn't like it anymore and it got me thinking about the other way around - what bags did you not like but for some reason now love and have to have?

    For me - the Louis Vuitton Denim Baggy - I hated the sight of it. How could Louis Vuitton do a Denim bag yuk! but now - I really, really want one.

    I have seen people's LV collections on this site with photos of the LV Baggy and its actually beautiful. I NEED ONE!
  2. For me it's the fendi B-bag :heart: At first I didn't get it and I really don't know what happened, but now I really want one!
    I love this model:

    But the price!!! I want it soooo BaaaaD. :drool:
  3. Wow thats cute.
  4. Ditto for the LV denim range, first I thought it was very tacky, but then I saw someone with the Baggy GM and loved it. I ended up getting the Denim Baggy PM and loved it.
  5. Thats the one I want - did you get Blue or Pink, I can't decide which one I like best (maybe I'll have to get both!).
  6. Balenciaga. I didn't like them at first, now I am obsessed with them
  7. LV Grafitti bags.
  8. For me its the LV epi leather - I never understood why people would like it.. now it grew on me! HAHAHA
  9. That LV Denim is REALLY nice IRL. I would never think I would want an expensive "denim" bag but everytime I see one = :heart:.
  10. Ok, kind of embarrassed to say this but, I didn't really like chanel. I thought it looked like an old lady bag. Now I own one.
  11. I was an LV mono hater the first time I saw it way back in high school (specifically, a Speedy). Fast forward 20+ years or so and I'm in LOVE with it and have 5 pieces...yes, a speedy as one of them of course.
  12. I used to hate Balenciagas, but now I can't get enough of them!
  13. Before i was well educated about handbags i had a distaste towards Chloe bags *Gasp*. All i had been exposed to were adds where the bags were piled on top of another and they looked shapeless and void of personality. However, now I'm completely OBSESSED with chloe and it's one of my absolute favourite designers and Chloe bags are on the very top of my wishlist. I have to admit, however, that i still have rather a love/hate relationship with Chloe. I love love love the quilted bay, paddy, Ava, and passionately lust after the Maggie. I feel lukewarm about the regular bay, and the Edith, and really dislike the betty, silverado, and the bracelet bags. They're just not me. I've seen these styles look great on other people however.
  14. Me too, like most people I associated LV with the monogram canvas. But they have many other lines of wonderful (and rather more expensive) leather. And sooo well made, that I have fallen for them.
  15. Here's another vote for the LV denim line. When it first came out I was definitely not a fan. But now I own the blue Neo Speedy, and I'm waiting for my fuscia GM! All I need is a green PM and I'll be all set -- of course I had to get one in every color!