what bag did I see?

  1. I saw a used Chanel at a high end 2nd hand shop today... I am sure it's authentic because I trust this store very much, but I am wondering what bag it was. It was a large black tote.... the leather looked to me like it was from the outdoor ligne, it was quilted but not puffy quilts, nor was it caviar. There weres double strap made of leather, with a sort of knotted design where the straps connected to the bag, and no chain. This was a big shoulder tote.
    Does anyone have any clue what bag this is? I looked through the reference threads and couldn't find it. :confused1:
  2. it's not vintage ligne, is it?
  3. Do you happen to have a pic of the bag that you seen?
  4. can't be Vintage Ligne, VL is puffy quilted.
    Outdoor and Diamond Stich and both flat though:yes:
  5. Forgive my ignorance because I am just learning chanel! But yes, Swanky, when I looked at the reference threads, the outdoor leather is what looked closest to me. I should have taken a better look at the bag...

    Thanks so much for trying to help.

    I might go back and get it, and if I do, I'll post pics and I'm sure you guys will know it. :yes:
  6. I just figured out what it is: it's the large tote from the le marais line. I found a picture of it on the reference thread. I should have realized it was from that line, since I have the le marais flap, but it just looks so different in all black.

    What do you guys think of it? I could use a big tote, and I'm tall (5'9") so I think I can pull off a bag that big....