What bag did Carmela have on her lap in the car?

  1. It's the first time I remember an extensive handbag scene on The Sopranos and I can't name Carmela's bag. She carries it inside and is seen with it in the first scene at the Lake house. Would love to know what bag Carmela carries!

    Hope this hasn't been asked and answered before here, I didn't see a thread.
  2. sorry hon, i hav not a clue!
  3. I'll have to watch the replay...I usually pay close attention to stuff like that but I must've been too engrossed in the storyline to even notice!

  4. I couldn't tell, other than lovely metallic silver
  5. It was indeed a beautiful metallic - and I was hoping Carm wasn't wearing a fake, if you know what I mean.
  6. ^^^She (Carm) is usually dressed in very nice clothing like St Johns Knits etc. So I bet the bag is nice too. When I watch rerun, I'll pay close attention.
  7. Here are some crappy shots I took of TV screen (sorry about the quality). Hope they help. I have NO idea what the bag is.:shrugs: It's pretty nice though.
    Carm.jpg Carm1.jpg