What bag can I get?

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  1. Hi I'm new to this site. I'm not even sure how I discovered it either but i've now added it to my favourites. I've read some of the discussions and am hoping that someone maybe able to help me. I want to purchase bags for the new season but classis timeless ones as after these purchases I will be saving for a house deposit and won't have any money to spend on luxuries:cry: for a while. But I'm a bit indecisive on what to get. I need the following:

    Work Bag (??????????)
    Day bag (I was thinking Balenciaga or Chanel Tote)
    Evening bag (Small chanel or Escada Eluna black satin with crystals)

    Can any of you experts help???????Much appreciated if you can:biggrin:

  2. hoew about for a daybag, the Balenciaga medium city and for evening the Chanel small 2.55?

    for the office, Balenciaga makes the office bag. the large reissue of the 2.55 may work too. depends on what will you need to put into it and what is your prefession.

    you can still save for a house while enjoying luxury bags as I did.
    But it meant only 1 or 2 every six months.it requires self control though which you, as I did must accomplish because there is no better feeling that bying a house and calling it your OWN.
    Best of luck to you.

    Hope I helped:oh: :biggrin:
  3. Thanks for that. I definetly think a Balenciaga is a good choice. Although i'm unsure of what colour to purchase as Spring/Summer is approaching there are so many colours to choose from. The chanel small 2.55 is a good choice as well and that will last for ages as well but colour is another issue.

    Also I think I will be purchasing more like 1 a year rather 1 or 2 every six months it will be painful.
  4. I always think of the Kooba Maya as a bag for work which can transition into play too, that is if you like pockets on your bag... :nuts:
  5. balenciaga city bag would be amazing for a day bag .... chanel would be great for the evenings .. and why dont you try the balenciaga work or an LV for work?
  6. I agree, I think the Balenciaga would be a good choice. It seems pretty versatile for both work and play. And, I know how you feel about try to have some self-control. My boyfriend and I are saving to buy our first place, and I just keep on spending - to his ire. Good luck!
  7. I think that the Balenciaga City is great for all ocassions. Dress it up or down, it always looks fantastic. Day, work, and evening. It goes everywhere and is so comfortable.
  8. I too think Balenciaga is a good choice for work and for day. I'd choose a color that can be used in all seasons, and it doesn't necessarily have to be black or brown or camel. The Cornflower (blue) is a shade that can be used in all four seasons. For evening nothing is better than a Chanel classic flap bag in black. It is truly timeless! Happy hunting! Let us know what you decide!!! P.S. Also Bottega Veneta is a great choice for a day bag. Check them out too!
  9. hi and welcome BagVirgin :biggrin:
    keeping in mind you prefer classics.. mmmm
    for work: i'd say a monogram canvac LV or a damier canvac LV of any shape u like.. (although i am not such a big fan of LV but i think their bags are classics) :smile:
    i'd run to a local Coach and see what they have! :amuse:

    a small Gucci Boston bag.. or a medium one (i think they are cool and formal enough for work!) :amuse:

    for day: definately a Balenciaga.. i believe its fun to have.. and if you are careful when choosing the color.. it can be a classic! :love:

    for evening: i'd say something from chanel :amuse:

    let us know what you choose!! :biggrin:
  10. Work: Coach or LV
    Day: Balenciaga
    Evening: Chanel