What bag ban???

  1. I know I said I was going on a bag ban, but I'm weakening already....
    I've spent most the day thinking of what my next bag will be...(I think the deciding is half the fun)
    I think something black...
    But rather than the Annie, ( I have a choc/oak, which I love but it is heavy on the shoulder) I love the look of the Somerset tote in black.
    Has anyone seen the bag IRL, my E/W and Phoebe seem to fit well on my shoulder and not too heavy.
    I don't want to pay full price so I could try the outlets for the next few months or wait and see if they go into the summer sale (hopefully by my birthday in July??)
    There's no harm in thinking ahead is there??
  2. I hear you... I was meant to be on a bag ban, but what could I do when confronted with an Annie at 50% off? I am definitely on a bag ban now :angel:

    No harm in thinking ahead at all :nuts:
  3. I saw the Somerset tote in Oak yesterday for first time and loved it.
  4. My sister has this bag in chocolate , as she has used the bag more and more , the bag looks better and better ( lost the bowling bag look!!!)

    Its a great bag but she says the only thing that she dislikes about the bag is the fact that the side compartment is not big enough to put purse in so it has to just roll about in the bottom of the bag..
  5. Oooo,anyone who's witnessed my escapades over the last couple of months will know I've failed the bag ban in the most spectacular fashion!!!! A hanover in oak and Pinky!!! God I'm crap are'nt I?:shocked:

    Worrying thing is though,I'm not really hankering for anything else!!!!
  6. Chaz, that's a good feeling - enjoy it while it lasts because it sure won't last long!!
    I'm going to photograph my bags today and get them on the catwalk thread - dying to see you with your new oak Hanover!
    I'm going to have to put myself on a ban until May as my poor children will be going without shoes soon if I buy any more bags (or have I just been watching too many period dramas over Christmas??)!
  7. Rachie, the somerset tote is absolutely gorgeous, a friend of mine has it in black and it's just the right size for your daily essentials and sits very well on the shoulder. The nappa doesn't seem to be quite as stain-prone as the darwin either. But, I shouldn't really be encouraging:whistle:, should I...?

  8. Its not nappa leather is it ???

    I thought these are in tumbled grain ??:confused1:
  9. Sorry, got confused... It's definitely the tumbled grain!
  10. I'm sure it is a good feeling when you get used to it,I'm kind of getting used to have an object of desire!!!! But maybe a little hunting about on here and normality will be restored!!! Indigo East West,oak Rosie there better already!!!
    But I will do modelling pics of Pinky and the Hanover once we've moved and I can secrete them in the new house somewhere!!!
    But yes totally bag ban for me now,I've been watching the same period dramas you have!!!! :roflmfao:

    Besides abstinence makes the lust grow stronger!!!!:roflmfao: