What bag are you using for the summer???

  1. I packed away my Mandy for the summer, bought a large Carly in PCE--but I don't want to use them....WHY? It's summer--I have 3 kids and 2 slobbering dogs--I'm afraid to get STUFF on my bags, no drool, not melted fruity snacks, no sunblock, no sand, no chlorinated water on my bags can touch my bags. I bought a Vera Bradley Villager in java blue--it's my throw around bag--don't care if the dogs drool on it or if my son decides he doesn't like the purple fruity snack and just spits it half chewed onto my bag in the 95* heat which then melts into this goopy slimy mess that won't come off! :wtf: Or if my 7 year old daughter takes the spray sun block and just sprays whereever and whenever she wants--getting more on the bag behind her than on her body!
    So, do YOU have a summer bag that you don't mind getting dirty or are you still using a wonderful Coach bag? Maybe I'm just weird or something....I don't know.


  2. It really depends on what I'm doing for the day. I have two kiddos too (3 and 5, so I am totally familiar with the kid-factor!), and if it's a park day or the zoo, I'll just carry a small backpack with snacks. But if we go out to someplace like the indoor play park, mall, library, or coffee shop, I bring my white ali. It makes me look and feel less frumpy :p

    I had a meeting with my bosses from my part-time job and even though I was wearing a tee, jeans, and flats, I felt more put-together and confident...I think it's what a bag does for me that is the deciding factor!
  3. hahahahaha...that's so funny! I'm lucky...my only child is 11 years old and she has her very own Coach bag so we both know how to take care of our babies. For the summer, I usually carry around my versatile Gallery tote...it will hold all my goodies plus some mags for the pool:


  4. I've been using my Choco carly ever since I got her!! I have 2 kids, a huge slobbering Lab puppy and I still carry it. It's my go everywhere bag! Work, the pool (stays in the locker though), out to eat! Love this bag:heart:
  5. I have been using my brown ali but just bought the large khaki/ebony carly so I wore her yesterday.. I only have those 2 and a chocolate duffle.. I just love brown! :tup:
  6. I have 2 kids ages 3 & 5 and I have been switching it up between my white patent hobo, red patent tote & turquise ergo hobo. I like to live dangerously!!!
  7. I'm using my signature stripe denim tote! VERY lightweight and comfy and I have been using it since the beginning of June and I LOVE it! I have 2 kids as well (ages 8 and 5) and I do agree w/ the poster who said it depends where you are going...outdoor parks? Out comes the big duffle tote from Lands End!!! Mall? Coach goes there!! I just bought a white Ali as well, and am going to be switching off b/w that and the denim tote for the remainder of the summer! I do have a feeling though that I will be using white Ali the MOST!!! LOL
  8. I'm going back and forth between my signature khaki ebony Ali and my khaki black large Carly. Those are both my newest bags so I'm rotating those about every 2 weeks or so.
    I have a 2 year old son, so usually I just throw a diaper and wipes in my bag, but if we go on longer trips (going to Storyland in NH on Saturday), I'll throw my mini skinny in his diaper bag.
  9. Mostly my natural Mandy, however, I've carried my black carly and natural legacy satchel.
  10. I'm using the straw tote with the flowers and bee ( last years style). I'm waiting till closer to fall to break out the patchwork.
  11. Wow, knuttybar that is a beautiful gallery tote for the summer!

    well for me, I'm using all my bags - except for my chocolate ones. For some reason, my mind has it made up that chocolate is for fall/winter :noggin:.
  12. Im switching between three bags right now. My Legacy zip, Burberry tote, and white Furla bag.
  13. Knuttybar love your tote it looks like it can hold quite alot.
  14. It depends on where I am going. If I am going to work at the office I wear any of these - Ergo Turquoise Tote,
    Ergo Vintage Tote, Ergo Vintage Hobo, Ergo Mahogany Patent Hobo, Ergo Red Tote. If I am running around with my kids to the beach or pool I usually carry an LLBean Backpack or tote to haul all their stuff around.
    If we are going to the movies or out to dinner I usually wear my Legacy whiskey hippie bag.
  15. I'm using my Gucci diaper bag right now. When I go out I use my scribble tote, Hamptons brown satchel, or my very heavy Coach white leather tote with the multicolored dots all over it.