What bag are you using as we speak??

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  1. Mine would be my Balenciaga First/ apple green:biggrin:
  2. My newest one, my Gucci cargo thingamajiggy.
  3. :lol: Dior Flight Denim tote with that bright orange belt around it. It's growing on me.
  4. I'm using my D&B cabriolet bucket bag. Still dodging the raindrops :sad:
  5. hah - no one bought my paddy so I am taking it out to dinner tonight for my mom's birthday. :p

    Tomorrow, I will be back to the black balenciaga box. :biggrin:
  6. Isabella Fiore Metal of Honor Carina in brown.
  7. Apple green roxanne. Man I love that bag!
  8. Gerard Darel Charlotte 24 bag in black: weatherproof!
  9. none today...lazy day at home, but yesterday i used my coach signature satchel.
  10. LV Damier Duomo................Let it rain!! :smile:
  11. apple green balenciaga first
  12. Mono Speedy 30
  13. My Paddy came shopping with me today. And to Lunch!
  14. :amuse: Me too. I was toting my whiskey paddy to the post office and fedex. Didn't I feel stylish!
  15. A distressed mahogany Hogan Scout (the one with the H on the flap)...but only until it's warm enough to carry my new white Furla Farrah. Or the lemon yellow Scout...I LOVE that bag!