What bag are you planning on purchasing in the new year?

  1. Hi!

    I can't wait for 2008! This year went by so fast!!!

    I've been considering the

    Chloe saskia
    gryson skye in gunmetal
    ysl rive gauche embossed tote
    gucci leather chain horsebit hobo
    Chanel perforated lambskin hobo bag (last pic on the right (the one on the left is the Chanel transparent quilted handbag)

    What are you waiting to purchase in 2008?
    j3.jpg j2.jpg j4.jpg j9.jpg j0.jpg
  2. I change my mind I'm not considering the chloe saskia anymore I think one of the Chloe mayas are a better choice.

    I think I want a bright color for spring.
    l0.jpg y9.jpg
  3. I have several bags that I'd like to get in '08 but since I went BAG CRAZY in '07 and am pretty content with my current collection I'll settle for a just a few editions. One for sure is a Goyard. I'd love to get a Fiji or Croisiere in black/tan. As for what else, we'll have to wait and see!
  4. I am considering:

    Linea Pelle Piper speedy or Piper overnight weekend
    Balenciaga city in new 2008 color
    Gryson -- never have one in this brand, but I am interested in to get one.
  5. Oh yeah I completely forgot about the new Bal. color.
  6. I think it might be the plum but this purse kind of catches my eye but I don't know if I would even carry it let alone purchase it.
    ysl leather patchwork.jpg
  7. For sure if I can find it a Chanel glazed brown MC E/W 07 and a Chanel Valentine flap if it is released next year
  8. I would love

    Linea Pelle piper speedy
    Purple BE Love Me
  9. I would like a:
    balenciaga (something small but that has color and can fit my wallet, ipod, phone and some other small things)

    coach (a nice leather big bag)

    Louis vuitton (something! anything! lol)
  10. Anxiously waiting for the debut of Rebecca Minkoff's spring line, especially the No Strings satchel.
  11. I'm planning on a new brown purse but can't decide if i want the RM matinee or mam.
  12. I'm definitely getting a Chanel bag for the spring and possibly a Balenciaga (if I find the color I want)!
  13. Want a LV Suhali Lockit PM. Probably not going to spend that kind of loot though. Last bag on my current want list is LV minimono Lucille GM in khaki. Oh, a red epi bucket. If I meet a goal I will spurge on a LV damier shoulder bag, currently Hampstead MM is it.
  14. -LV Graffiti Speedy in White (perferably), Khaki (if i'm really desperate)
    -LV Suhali Lockit PM (not in a huge rush to get this bag, was going to get the gold color but then I didn't like it!
    -LV Heart Change Purse (I'm waitlisted for ALL the colors coming out this year!
    -LV - something from Fall/Winter Limited Edition collection
    -LV Suahli Le Fabuleux in Gold (this bag is so hard to find!)
    -LV neverfull in damier azur

    -Fendi Spy

    -PYTHON! I MUST HAVE PYTHON! (maybe something in Chanel python!)

    -CROCODILE! I MUST HAVE IT TOO! (B. Romanek Rockstar Clutch in Purple! i'm trying to locate this right now!)

    thats all i'm looking to get next year!
  15. Zac Posen Aurora frame bag[​IMG]