What bag are you looking for right now?

  1. Are you searching for any bags right now? It's fun to see what everyone else is looking for, and nice way to alert others if you've seen something on their list.

    For example...

    -The perfect (insert color here) bag.

    -The perfect tote/hobo/clutch.

    -A bag to go with (specific item/oufit).

    -Waiting for a bag I like to go on sale.

    I haven't been super obsessed with bags lately, but I still have never found: perfect burgundy color bag, a grey bag with silver hardware. Waiting for a Marni Balloon bag to pop up on sale in a color I like.
  2. I've been dying to get a brown plaid Hayden Harnett Ana but they've been sold out forever so I guess I'll have to wait to see if any show up on eBay:girlsigh:
  3. I think this is a great thread! Well, as my signature says, I am looking for the perfect red bag, and the perfect yellow bag.I would love to find the perfect black with with gold hardware too! Oh, also, the perfect python bag! I'm sure I will be back to add more!
  4. I REALLY want a Goldenbleu Jordan satchel in grey for <$250. I would also like a brown leather Kooba bag for ~$200 and a Botkier, preferably black, for <$300. I'm just watching sales keeping my fingers crossed :angel:...
  5. Rebecca Minkoff, the new Morning After bag with the gold crackle bottom! Can't wait for this to come out!

    A Botkier Sophie on sale! Preferably the large size, but small is okay too. In a dark color would be best.

    And eventually, a nice quilted bag (probably MJ; trying to resist the urge to move on up to Chanel ;) ).
  6. Oh! And my super Holy Grail, impossible to find, TDF bag is the Alexander McQueen Elvie bag. I would love to own one, but it's too expensive for me right now. My only hope is for one to go onsale somewhere.

    A girl can dream, right?

    You motivated me to put it in my signature too :smile:
  7. I'm looking for the perfect casual bag. I have loads of structured bags, but I want something in a soft waxy slouchy leather, a shoulder bag with compartments for phone ipod etc, big but not massive. I have absolutely nothing in mind yet. When I see it, I'll know its the one :yes:
  8. I have been trying to find the perfect silver clutch. I think I have it narrowed down to a Gucci or a YSL, but am still looking. I really wanted a Chanel one, but my SA never got back to me as to whether or not there are any out right now. We'll see...
  9. I'm looking for all of the following

    1) a glazed, red, RM morning after or matinee
    2) a grey MMBG ( 1 genergation if possible)
    3) cream/ off white casual but pristine-looking bag
    4) chanel timeless clutch in caviar and white
  10. Here's what I would like:

    Dark Gray RM MAM (with Silver Hardware)-- the perfect gray bag!!
  11. I am still looking for the perfect black bag. I have so many other colors and only one black bag! I think my perfect black bag might be a belen enchandia love me. And also waiting for this to go on sale this month! :smile:
  12. I want a beautiful grey satchel or tote. Options have included:
    Marc by Marc Jacobs Lovely Aline in Stone (if only it was made in Mouse Grey, it would be perfect). I'm also looking at the recent bags in mouse grey.
    Kooba Lena in Slate (discoloration issues have steered me away from this, although this sort of blue-grey is exactly what I have in mind)
    Foley & Corinna in Gunmetal, even though I already own a city tote in black and silver.
    I've looked at some Botkiers, but they are mostly in pewter tones, and I want something less metallic

    Last night I saw this on NAP:
    Be & D Twiggy Tote
    Getting a $1k bag for less than $400 seems like a great deal and is right within (or even slightly under) what I expected to pay for a new, cool bag to start 2008 with, but I don't know if Be & D really has the panache or status/cache to charge what they do for their bags. They are charging Balenciaga level prices for bags with canvas linings. I wish someone could comment on whether they think Be & D is a better choice than the other options I listed above.

    P.S. At some point, I want a Kooba Ada or Jillian in Sand. And by summer, either a navy blue or red bag.
  13. Love everyone's picks! This is such a fun thread! I'd love to have the Carson from Goldenbleu's new spring line. I'd also like another slouchy bag for casual days. I just haven't found the *perfect* one yet.

    I own a handbag boutique in Seattle - www.clutchseattle.com . We have some of your picks listed on sale. Our website is new and we don't have everything on it yet, so you'd need to call or email to have pictures sent to you. But, we have the large Botkier Sophie in ink at 30% off - $486. We also have the dark grey MAM on sale at 20% off - $460.

    Just wanted to let you all know that there are deals out there - especially at the smaller boutiques. Happy shopping! Hope you get all the bags you're wishing for!
  14. I was absolutely dying for the D&G Allyson bowling bag in black patent leather. Sold out everywhere. Yes they had the red patent at Neimans and Zappos. And the matte black leather, but no black patent. I had given up hope after like 2 weeks and resigned myself to disappointment. Then a few days ago, I randomly did a google search, thinking I would come up empty as usual, but guess what? Eluxury had one, AND it was on sale, half off, plus another 20%. So I got my dream bag, and marked down 50% from what it normally was. It just arrived today. I am SO happy. I keep on just looking at it. I just can't believe my luck!
  15. Glad to see I'm not the only one up at this time of night obsessing of handbags... LOL!

    I'm looking for a Chloe Edith in Whiskey or Chamois... I know there are a few on eBay but I've been burned on Ebay before so I'm hesitant even though I've had 2 authenticated... I'd pay regular price on a regular site in a heartbeat just to be sure it was authentic!