What bag are you craving right now?

  1. Maybe it's because it's approaching Halloween, but suddenly I'm craving an Inferno Corriere.:devil: But it would have to have a very specific front pocket w/ my favorite guys.

    What bag are you craving right now?
  2. Right now, I am kind of sated. I've sold a bunch of bags and bought a bunch as well. And, other than waiting for a few of them to come home, I am not craving for anything in particular right now (but you know how that goes though...:rolleyes:)

    Your talk of the Inferno has me itching to pull out the Inferno Ciao or Zucca. :graucho:

    I am getting kind of excited about Vacanze...I always get excited at the thought of the holiday season though.:p
  3. transporto or tutti ciao or mamma mia
  4. A CR Zucca. CR was the first print that caught my eye, and I really want a Zucca--it's the last of the bags that I can see myself actually using.
  5. an inferno luna...and a paradiso bv
  6. oooo good question. kinda craving a trasporto right now... simply bc I haven't seen any IRL yet!! I don't even like the print that much but I wanna see some!!

    That and a vacanze MM... actually vacanze in general! really wanting that to come out... soon!!!!! :nuts:

    I've managed to pretty much satisfy my cravings for the older prints... :yahoo:
  7. An Inferno Zucca is what I'm currently craving. And I know by mentioning this, it'll probably show up on evilbay for some ridiculous price by some evilbay lurker during the night. :rant:

    But in all seriousness, I'm just craving the darned bags I ordered in the past week. Where are they?!?!?!?!? :hysteric:
  8. Hmmm...I'm craving an OP Mamma Mia or BV. :girlsigh:My OP Bella's not doing it for me
  9. I think the item I most want right now is an Olive Camo Denaro. But no more spending $$ for a while for me!

  10. Foresta ciao ciao or BV. I know I still can find it in eBay, but I don't want to spend huge money on that. I would wait for the release print.
  11. Mmm..would love a CAMMO OLIVE BV!
    and ANY bag TAN PG!
  12. I want a tutti MM, but cant find it anywhere around me (including eBay)....

    and of course...vacanze....
  13. I decided I want a bag that I can use for school, so I would like either a tutti or trasporto campeggio or zucca....or avventura. I just want one that's under retail by a little. I'm really stupid and JUST lost out on 20% off a trasporto campeggio. Argh.
  14. citta rosa zucca, bv, luna and L'Amore anything big !!!! I have NOTHING in that print and cant seem to find anything either.
  15. ooo i want a foresta bocce =D