What bag are you carrying today??

  1. I switch bags almost every day, and thought it would be fun to have a thread for me and bag-switchers like me to post the latest. Today.... Celine structured handbag from just-before-Michael-Kors era.

    What are YOU carrying today? Let's see!:yes:
  2. I switch pretty much every day too. :shame:

    I'm wearing my Botkier Trigger in Hazelnut today.
  3. Oh dear, wasn't aware of the redundancy. but this is just about the bag, not what's in it.
  4. Isn't this what bag did you carry today as opposed to what's in your bag?

    I'll bite: LV Papillon
  5. Balenciaga flat motorcycle tote
  6. kooba sienna
  7. Gucci Hasler
  8. kooba sienna
  9. silverado.....
  10. Two siennas! same color?
  11. Mono Speedy 30

  12. Chocolate brown Fendi mini spy bag!
  13. Metallic Dior Double Gaucho
  14. LV Mono Speedy 30