What bag are you carrying today?

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  1. What bag are you carrying today???

    I went Bolide...
  2. Beautiful Bolide!

    Today I'm carrying my Birkin 30cm Marron Fonce Chevre de Coromandel/Silver Pall. HW.
  3. I'm carrying my little garden party twilly.
    garden party twilly.JPG
  4. I'm not carrying anything Hermes today ... Actually I can't carry Hermes to my work place if I want a raise
  5. My 32cm Black Box HAC w/Ruthenium hw and I don't blame you a bit, KOU.....neither would I!!!!!
  6. Kou- Hahahaa that's so funny! I definitely think about stuff like before I pull out my bag. My husband always tell me not to wear the Crocs to his office things (the women always compliment it...) because he doesn't want his assistant to ask for a raise!!! Hahaa
  7. :P orange ostrich birkin:heart:
  8. limited edition black celine boogie bag in water buffalo and gold metal buttons
  9. Garden Party canvas/leather and it fell off the basket of my bicycle :crybaby:
  10. don't worry, hermes'll clean it :yes: :flowers:
  11. Another Garden Party canvas/leather here!
  12. Three Garden Partys today!

    Avandome- I think you might win the prize with an Ostrich...I would love an orange Ostrich, a friend of mine has it and I always tell her I'm going to steal it...

    The Celine sounds gorgeous, I just bought a little orange Celine over the weekend.

    It just started pouring...I think I am going to switch to a Mono LV if I go out again, don't want to get my H babies wet!
  13. That's always a relief! It's alright now as it didn't get so dirty but it shocked me when it fell :wtf:
  14. If it starts raining...I will swich, to the the amazonia I hear ostrich dries well, but I don't have the courage to test that theory!:wondering
  15. No hermes today, my Chanel Kelly