What bag are you carrying right now?

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  1. For me it is a fun, spur of the moment purchase I made after the holidays. A red Luella suzy tote. I purchased it for 60% off the list price and I have been carrying it as of recent. I must add it does not take the place of my Hermes bag though.

    How about the rest of you?
  2. My chocolate brown large Mombasa
  3. My botkier cresent in a dark plum metallic mix
  4. Right now, my white dior gaucho single.
  5. LV Damier Parioli tote becuase it's raining like crazy!
  6. Black Chanel caviar tote
  7. My Botkier Cognac Holster. It's been more than a week though so time to switch it up :P
  8. Right now, I decided to take out my white Fendi bag from it's dustbag. It's been stored in my closet for a year without being used. Then I thought, maybe it needs some loving right now, so I took it out and that's what I'll use.
  9. My new Hayden-Harnett Mercer Satchel.
  10. My new LV 30 speedy Pref. in fuschia...LOVE IT! I really need to carry my new Gucci Med. Boston bag. It has been in my closet for 3 months! (its only been out to take pics for you all) ...I hope its not a sign that Im not going to use it.:wacko: Its just so big and kind of a little dressy...Im in always in shorts, or dresses..casual key west attire...I dont even want to think about it. I usually carry and new bag right away!!!
  11. Gray distressed Vintage Ligne quilted lambskin Chanel tote.
  12. Beige ("apricot") Chanel quilted caviar leather tote
  13. My choco paddy :love:
  14. My Louis Vuitton Amfar
  15. A cheapo The Sak leather bag that I got at half price. When you're bargaining with dealers, the last thing you need on your shoulder is an expensive bag.