What bag are you carrying - RIGHT NOW?

  1. So we are all eagerly awaiting the coming holiday, and what might be generously gifted to us...but what are you using RIGHT NOW? What bag is in your current rotation?

    I pulled this beauty out this past weekend. My lovely Khaki/Brown suede signature beaded tote. I've had this bag for over 2 years, the suede is in perfect condition and not one bead is loose/broken. I get so many compliments on this bag...

    (sorry the pictures are a bit "sepia"...had the camera set on the wrong setting and am too lazy to go back through the take picture/download/upload rigamaroll..heheh)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So what about you - what are you rockin' right now before the holidays?
  2. My signature stripe satchel

  3. I have been carrying my red patent leather wristlet and matching mini skinny.
    Perfect for the holidays...
  4. I am currently using my british tan lunch tote w/matching wristlet and wallet that I got for my bday earlier in December. Love it!
    tote wallet.jpg
  5. I am carrying my new bag that I got at the outlet 2 weeks ago , its a Lunch Tote in Plum Patent Leather , its so freaking pretty , and I got the Tattersel Ponytial scarf and the Luggage Tag charm too [​IMG]
  6. med black sig carly!
  7. LOVE THAT! The color palette you have going on is beautiful!

    I about DIED when I saw those totes in plum and Navy...but I bought a teal patent tote LAST year...no need for me to have 2 patent totes (unless..you know...really cheap at the outlets in january. heheh)
  8. large chocolate signature carly
  9. well....my natural 'ALI', of course....LOL!!!
  10. Thanks , I had to risk my life to get the bag , it was the last plum one in the store and some other lady had her eye on it ,luckey for me I grabbed it first
  11. My Bleecker Duffle in wine with ruby patent wristlet, and black leather ergo slim envelope wallet.

    I love the beaded tote and the plum patent tote!
  12. As soon as I open mine next week, I'll be rockin this bag too! :girlsigh: Right now I'm carrying my favorite bag, my med choc sig Carly!
  13. Great bag and you did such a good job dressing her up !
  14. Black leather Carly with the ocelot ponytail scarf attached!
  15. Well, starting tomorrow I will be utilizing my "new" Gucci Large Chain Hobo, BUT today and since the end of Nov. it is still the British Tan Felecia shown in my Bleecker Signature picture.