What bag are you Buying on Day 1, 2012?


Celebrate Everything
Sep 4, 2011
I think buying a new LV today is a great tradition! :biggrin:

We go out for Chinese food every January 1st.
I don't know why... it just kind of happened years ago and has become our thing. We are also meeting one of daughters new boyfriends.

I don't have any New Years Resolution.
My worst of 2011 was losing my beloved Chihuahua Nina'
and the best was buying LV! <- Seriously!!!! :biggrin:
We didn't go on any vacation trips in 2011.

I think 2012 will be a GREAT year! :smile:
I can't wait to see all the LV you gals & guys buy today.



Feb 8, 2009
I bought the Epi Electric Brea MM and the Blanc Corail Wilshire Blvd MM. I have wanted the Brea for some time and it is so pretty. I am on the fence with the Wilshire MM. My sales associate showed it to me and it is a lovely color for the spring. I am just not sure I like the tote look of the bag. May exchange it for Blanc Corail Alma PM.