What bag Anne Hathaway show in those pic?

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  1. Anyone know what bag Anne HAthaway show in those pics???

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. 2- looks like a miu miu bag
    3-4-5 are chanel bags
  3. thanks a lot.. if You know the model or have the pic can you post here?
    thanks in advance...:flowers:
  4. #2 looks like the Miu Miu Camoscio Tie Dye bag - I believe it's from last Spring.
  5. ooo i love the 2nd one
  6. thank IrisCole..but..Are U sure???:thinking:
  7. The #1 looks like the Giorgio Armani bag Katie Holmes was seen with in January
  8. I think is the same... thanks...
  9. Not 100% - they have purses this season that have the same structure, but the coloring of the leather is much different - the closest color pattern is the Camoscio
  10. Giorgio+Armani+Bisanzio+Bag.jpg
    the first is Giorgio Armani Bisanzio Bag:girlsigh:
  11. please, can anyone help me to ID the chanel bags???:sweatdrop:
  12. I think Anne's is Prada
  13. Her last bag is a Chanel fabric flap in black (if you post this in the Chanel forum, someone should be able to tell you a style name) :

  14. thanks iriscole..the bag is the same..
  15. iriscole, this is the chanel bag
    Chanel Classic Black Logo Flap Bag.jpg

    and this is a miu miu bag..
    MiuMiuFlap-Front Satchel.JPG
    do you think is the bag on the second pic???