What bag accommodates your Ipad?


Shoe and Bag Addict
Oct 12, 2008
If I can ever get my hands on the case I want for my iPad, I plan to carry it around with me since it really is one of the most amazing little devices. It will fit in my Neverfull, but there is not enough structure - even with a case, I am too worried about it banging around. It fits nicely in my Verona and Madeleine GM.

Any suggestions for a relatively structured mono shoulder bag? I wish I liked the Galleria, but it is just not my style. I am drawn to the Odeon as an iPad carrier. I appreciate any thoughts from the iPad/LV lovers out there.


Jul 21, 2009
Honestly I carry my iPad in almost all of my bags (I even keep it in my speedy 40 and haven't had issues with it banging around). I have the apple case on it though so maybe that helps? It's the black one that kind of opens like a book. I think you'll find that with the case on it it slides around much less in your bags.