what B Bag is this?

  1. Hi - I dont normally come to the Balenciaga forum - I wonder if anyone call tell me what style this one is?

    B Bag.jpg
  2. It's the called messenger I think and it has a more rigid shoulder strap which is adjustable.
  3. Wow, good catch Tanja! My first impression was that it was a Day/Hobo, but you're right!
  4. Is the messenger more of a men's style?
  5. It's unisex, really. It's not girly, but looks great with casual clothes. The strap is thicker leather, and it's really adjustable by a lot.
  6. thanks...anyone know what season this colour is from?
  7. Looks like origan which was SS06.:yes:
  8. thanks Tanja!
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