What B Bag fits over the shoulder???

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  1. I hate when my bags don't fit over my shoulder and i have to always carry them on my arm and am considering getting a smaller (first or twiggy) bbag. can you carry yours on your shoulder?
  2. yes!
  3. yes, but you should consider the purse style too...it fits perfectly over your shoulder, but doesn't have a hook-on strap...i can send you the link to mine if you want :smile:

    p.s. oopsy, scratch that, it's not a smaller bag
  4. :yes: Yep :biggrin:
  5. another yes ;) I always wear them on my shoulder... I never carry it by the handles!
  6. if i dont have much stuff in my b-bags... CITY or TWIGGY i can carry the bag on my shoulders... but otherwise i use the shoulder strap! :smile:
  7. I wear both my Twiggy and Hobo over my shoulder. That is why I did not like the City for me; it did not go well over my shoulder.
  8. check out my origan weekender thread in this section, it shows me with weekender on my shoulder... i love wearing all bal bags this way. with the weekender it is very fashionista...it wil also keep handles cleaner longer!
  9. I can fit both the city and the twiggy over the shoulder, not using the shoulder strap. I love them!
  10. that's very helpful, thanks :smile:
  11. I'm a tad late for this, but yes, I can fit the Twiggy over my shoulder :smile:
  12. yes, i can fit the city over my shoulder, not using the shoulder strap. =)
  13. The Twiggy has a shoulder strap in addition to the two smaller handles to carry it as a satchel.
  14. Yes, I can wear all my b-bags on my shoulder and I think it looks best worn that way (without using the shoulder strap)