what ay think of this bag for guys? should i or not?

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  1. hey all, what ya think of this bag for a man? anyone saw it in real person or guys carrying it? SA said it was for MEN...:P

  2. Oooh, I like it! What color would you get??
  3. I think the style is pretty unisex. Yea, which colour are your thinking of?

  4. Agree with Mid--definitely unisex! I love the dark brown and black--what do you like?
  5. iliek the dark brown...cant see detail in black .. i already ahve brown
  6. I like it!
  7. love the bag. if you don't see the detail in the nero and you already have ebano- how about the third one- noce maybe? also are these pics from the outlet because i was at woodbury last week and i think there was that bag or a similar bag and it was in the men's area. i always look at the men's stuff.
  8. It looks light too
  9. Great bag for both men and women. It looks very practical.
  10. I love this bag!
    Not only because I own it...

    I definitely recommend it - it's great for everyday or travel!



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  11. go for it good bag, a little heavy though but really great looking on a guy trust Bryan :biggrin:
  12. LV Prada - go for the noce color for spring and summer since you have an ebano bag! I really like it!
  13. oh ny,, can u do a modelling pics for me or for the rest of BV peeps:nuts:? which color is yrs?

    btw is this bag in every collection or seasonal? are those 3 colors avaialee every season? last question, which is noce color?
  14. hhhm.... u seen it on a guy?:graucho: