What article of clothing do you love that you wear often?

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  1. my mbt trainers. So comfy and they make me want to sell most of my other shoes to fund a second pair. :love:
  2. my strecthed black skinny jeans, my grey long cardigan and my balenciaga weekender bag.
  3. My Levi's! I live in them.
  4. Arent they the BEST!!! I only wear them when I go walking but man I love them! I think they are so ugly though!!! lol

    Lately Im in love with Jcrew camoflauge cargos pants... I am also loving this denim mini skirt from Lilly Pulitzer...it has little pink patches all over it. :heart: it!!
  5. my favorite piece(s) of clothing are my r&r jeans. my faves are my pink crystal crowns, crystal fleur de lis, and anthrax skulls.
  6. true religion jeans, especially my johnnys
  7. My Puma Kings and my grey Zara sweater.
  8. My black Via Spiga "Wine" boots (see pic). I wear them at least twice a week, sometimes even three times. They're so perfect with either pants or skirts and dresses. The heels are wearing down so quickly because of how often I wear them though... :sad: I need to take them in pretty soon to see if my shoe guy can do anything about that.

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  9. My R&R jeans, by far. And... this is going to make me sound totally fashion-inept... lately, I've taken to wearing my university sweater. It's got a big boatneck, and lets me feel loyal to my school while looking cute.
  10. I love your boots:yes:
  11. My black Theory v-neck cashmere sweater - I live in it. Also my Prada and Saks ballet flats.
  12. my fave pair of seven jeans

    and my chartreuse perforated ballet flats from hotwind.....
  13. My Victoria's secret PINK collection sweats..all the colors, on days off (which is 4 days a week) LOL and mind you I'll wear them with a 2K handbag.

    I also wear my Seven for all man Kind jeans about once a week.
  14. Black blazer purchased at Macys about two years ago.
  15. i still love all my uggs even though people hate them ..soooooo comfy:smile: :smile: