What article of clothing do you love that you wear often?

  1. For me its my Steve Madden black patent leather pumps I wear them every week.:heart: :yes: ;)
  2. My True Religion jeans...they were worth every penny that I spent on them!!
  3. Lately I have been wearing the hell out of a French Connection grey jacket I bought.
  4. My vince cashmere sweater. I wear it about 4 times a week!
  5. Joe's cigarette jeans...I wear these 3 x's a week easily!
  6. lately it's my white wool blazer with a gold crest, tan cardigan with a crest, tan belt with G logo -- often all at the same time

    yes, I'm in a preppy mood
  7. i have a grey alpaca sweater coat that i wear quite a bit, it's like being hugged by a big furry animal. and a grey, cable-knit ralph lauren sweater.

    i own far too many grey sweaters.
  8. my sweater coat by ya ya i wear it as much as i can. usually 3 times a week!
  9. ditto for me on the sweater coat!
  10. polos from aeropostle' very comfy I buy in bulk, my mossimo jeans because those are the best fitting jeans I found thus far (and they are not low rise, I hate low rise:yahoo: ) I also buy in bulk, my ralph lauren hot pink cable knit sweater, and the black belt I bought from a street vendor in Italy. :love: All are very comfortable because as a college student, I need more comfort than anything.
  11. Citizen jeans, so comfy!
  12. Black wool J.Crew suit pants. I can always count on them to make me look professional, even when I don't feel like thinking about my outfit for work.
  13. Oh i forgot I wear my Strecth Express jeans every week they fit perfect.:yahoo: I love them
  14. A bunch of jersey black tops in different cuts and styles.
  15. My Woolrich (the Italian brand) Boulder Coat because it's already pretty cold here and my Paige jeans.