What ART do Louis Vuitton lovers collect? (The Richard Prince Inspired Thread)

  1. With the release of the new Jacobs-Prince collaboration now upon us I thought it would be timely to have a Richard Prince inspired art thread.

    I really appreciate Louis Vuitton's continued effort to crisscross the boundaries of fashion and art and I couldn't imagine any other premium brand doing it half as well as Vuitton does.

    I believe the latest Richard Prince collection is a superb mix of popular culture, modern art and luxury and many here agree and have already been enthused enough to purchase their little piece of history.

    With such great taste in fashion I am really excited to see what art works you all actually collect and live with, be it paintings, photographs or sculpture. Please share and post your most favorite art piece you have.

    Here is my most treasured piece of art:-
  2. thats interesting!
  3. I don't collect art per se, but I do collect picture LPs. For those who don't know, picture LPs are vinyl LPs that have artwork printed directly on the vinyl. They can be played, but the fact that art is printed on them causes them to have more "noise", so most people buy them for collection and display. Anyway, DBF and I own over 50 picture LPs both new and vintage. Most of them are hard rock and metal. Here are a few examples:
    445.jpg 446.jpg 450.jpg 449.jpg 448.jpg
  4. A few more:
    451.jpg 452.jpg 453.jpg 454.jpg 455.jpg
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Sorry, forgot to put a description. I have a couple of these paintings. They're by a local artist, in Queens.
  7. I collect 'Robert Bateman' and 'Tin Yan Chang.'
  8. lvmode,

    im in love with your cow.
    i would never kill it to eat or make it a bag. lolol. just talking crap. but its super cool. :lol:

    deluxe duck has pretty cool artworks from what ive seen from the pics he posts.:supacool:
  9. Love that cow! How cool.

    Right now I'm a fan of Stella Im Hultberg and have been trying to collect as many of her prints as possible.
  10. That cow is very neat! :tup: What a find!

    As for myself, I don't collect art either, rather I'm an artist out of hobby (not profession). Some of my most treasured works are my own creations:

    A) "Cherryblossoms in Spring" - acrylic on canvas (this was a gift for my boyfriend's parents :smile:)

    B) "Midnight Blossoms" - acrylic on wall (yes, this was done on my bedroom wall!)

    C) "Midnight Fairy" - acrylic on wall (same wall as but flip side of the tree)

    I've never shared these on a forum before; they've always just been part of a personal portfolio. They're not as wonderful as professional artists', of course. Just something I came up with for fun & out of the love for art :shame: Hope you'll enjoy them!
    butterflycopyr.jpg cbcopyr.jpg treecopyr.jpg
  11. Thanks so much for posting all your "pop art". Your collection is great. It looks fabulous.

    Thanks for posting, I love the colours (especially the orange) used to capture the city scape.

    I'm unfamiliar with Tin Yan Chang but I looked Robert Bateman up and love his polar bear paintings and the wolf on whole side of the building painting. Do you have any pictures of his prints that you can post?
  12. I don't really have any fine art but I do collect vinyl as well.

    But my fav artist is Frida Kahlo.
  13. This ink sketch has always been a favorite of mine:


    This painting is my favorite of the moment:


    ArmCandy - I LOVE your vinyl collections - incredible!
  14. You can :heart: my cow all you like.... but don't even think of touching it!!:boxing:

    I have sent deluxeduck a link to this thread because I too would love to see some of his art. I know he has very good taste.

    Thank you very much. I would love to see one of your Stella prints, please.

    Here is a painting I have of my cow before it had it's spots painted.......:wtf: