What arrived today...one good deal and one bad deal.

  1. Today I received my Legacy Stripe Key Fob Coin Purse and Signature Multi-color Flower Charm.

    The good deal was the Legacy Stripe. Ordered it on Tuesday night from the boutique, paid $63 including tax. I know that paying retail doesn't seem like a good deal, but they are selling for $85 on eBay right now. I like it, but also ordered the coin wristlet with the zipper and kiss lock...may get rid of the key fob.

    The bad deal was the flower charm. I could have ordered it during PCE for $21 + tax, but I didn't. Then when I really wanted it, they were sold out. I finally broke down and paid $54 including shipping on eBay. But I love it so I guess it doesn't matter!

  2. Great purchases! I'd totally love to have the legacy stripe keyfob.

    And I am just :drool: in :heart: with your avatar.
  3. Here is the pic!

  4. Thanks!
  5. ooh i've been looking for a legacy stripe pouch keyring.


    hope you like your charm (i have one and love it)

    oh and i ordered the coin purse wristlet too so i can't wait till [we] get it ;)
  6. Love both!!!
  7. If you love them & your happy that's all that matters. Enjoy your purchases! I love them and don't know why I didn't get the flower charm when it was available?
  8. They are both sooo cute. I have the flower key charm and I love it!!! Congrats!
  9. Those are great deals! This is what we like here!!
  10. The flower charm is so Cute! I LOVE that coin purse! Every time I see those legacy stripes it makes me want that Ali legacy leather shoulder flap that much more! :drool:
  11. I have them both! ENJOY!:yes:
  12. Oooh, I love the flower charm! I thought I had seen one that was like that but in denim but I can't recall where. Oh well, maybe it was a fake, lol.
  13. love your new purchases, enjoy!
  14. No, the denim one is new...and available!