What are your Valentine's Day plans?

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  1. I'm trying to come up with some ideas for V-day, I was thinking a dinner theatre show. I want to know what others are doing for V-day. Thanks!
  2. My best friend and I will probably have a date with Ben and Jerry :smile:
  3. I gave my DH a present early. And I know that he is getting me some jewlery. As for plans, we dont have any right now. We have 2 little kids so escaping the house is difficult.
  4. My SO has been *really* wanting to celebrate V-Day with me whereas I just wanted to have a lot of fun with him regardless of the holiday because it happens to be a three-day weekend. So, he has his wish, but thank god he isn't the overly traditional romantic type.
    Our plans:
    1.) drunken naked Twister
    2.) drunken talking
    3.) drunken Wii
    4.) drunken movie watching
    5.) drunken snuggling
    6.) drunken board game
    7.) eat at a nice restaurant the day before sober
    8.) eat exotic chocolate like bacon chocolate and Naga chocolate!
  5. ^ lol at drunken naked twister!

    bf and i haven't talked about our plans yet! but valentine's day is also chinese new year this year, so i have no idea how to get started planning this day. there will be so much to do, and it'll be so much fun! i'm excited!! hahahah
    only thing is...our operations management prof decided to put an midterm exam on the 2/15. wtf.
  6. DF and I have reservations at the Melting Pot - never been there, but hes been begging me to go. Hope its good! So far thats our only plans.

    PS - LMAO to the drunken stuff!
  7. wow a lot of drinking involved... love that!! :biggrin:
    don't have any definite plans but i think i'll do number 1, drunken naked twister I'm real bendy too :nuts:
  8. Instead of going to a fancy restaurant for dinner, the BF is taking me to my absolute favorite take-out place for lunch. Then we're driving over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito and Tiburon which he states are cute romantic seaside towns that I would probably enjoy going to. Then it's dinner at a local Mom and Pop restaurant which we'll decide while we're there. We're going for a more low-key V-day which I'm excited about, which is different for us because we usually go all out and make reservations and what not.
  9. Bacon Chocolate...do you make that or do you buy it? Sounds interesting. Who makes it?

  10. You know, really bf might come up with some ideas too! He usually the romantic one. LOL! I love everyone's ideas though. I might have to suggest some. Thank you for responding.
  11. That sounds like an awesome time!

    As for me I really don't have any plans at all. Unless my friend and I just have a movie day.
  12. DH and I will be on a cruise ship!! I am guessing there will be a Valentine's something-or-other so I am packing a cocktail dress and my new Loubs:

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  13. a big fat nothing!!!!
  14. Yeah, I only drink socially which is once every few months or so on average, and with my SO and maybe a few other people that we trust, we just have prolonged or constant drunkenness on rare occasion before just cleaning up over the next few days. Then, we go on a hiatus.

    Lol. Twister is already fun sober and clothed, but I thought drunkeness and nudity would only make it much better, LOL. Potential problem is I haven't played any Twister since I was like 11-12, so we'll see how this works out. I hope my flexibility won't fail me too much, let alone the lack of coordination.

    I buy it. I haven't tried it yet along with the other exotic chocolates available on the site. You can buy it here: http://www.vosgeschocolate.com/category/bacon_and_chocolate
  15. Valentines Plans... My one and only love could get my attention on that day and that has totally determined my plans.... Fashion!!! Yep... I'm so excited... I just found out today that I have confirmed tickets to several shows and will be in NY at Spring fashion week for Vday! Is that not the best gift ever???

    For a single girl at least???