What are your ugliest shoes?

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  1. So I was cleaning out my storage space the other day, and I happened on the large cache of shoes I've been keeping down there. You know, the ones you kinda despise yourself for buying, but at the same time can't sell/toss/giveaway because you spent a small fortune on them in a moment of weakness. The ones I had totally forgotten about and cringed cause they are so awful are these:


    Floral embroidered Miu Miu D'orsay Pumps. They look like they were made from my grandmother's sofa.

    I'm just curious if anyone else has a pair or pairs of shoes like this that you still just can't get rid of.
  2. easy!! my furlined black crocs i wear to take out the trash and check the mail in the winter:graucho: totally lustworthy
  3. That's easy.....Birkenstocks.
  4. LOL I have a pair of manolos with a grandma-sofa print, too! They are pretty ugly, but for some reason, I like them for the vintage-y feel.
  5. Well, my rainboots but I don't think that counts because the reason I bought them was because they were so ugly.. (leopard print)
  6. I just remembered I pair of disgusting looking white loafers but they are too comfy to throw out.. I don't know how many times I've though about cleaning them but I just never get around to it *sigh*
  7. Uggs, but I love them!
  8. - My uggs, but I keep them clean.
    - My crocs! The primas aren't too bad, but my Athens and Cleos aren't the pinnacle of beauty.
    - My red patent triple-strap birkenstocks. Granola chic, I guess. And they were only $6, brand new!

    I kind of like your sofa-print shoes. Some aren't too bad.

    "Who killed the sofa and made it into shoes!?"
  9. awww i love birkenstocks - i have the thong kind, though. i don't like the "traditional" birks, whatever they're called.

    mine are so comfy and i get lots of compliments in the summer when i wear them with minidresses and such.
  10. I don't have any but I think gladiators are so ugly.
  11. My comfy sneakers, they used to be really nice white and gold reeboks, but now they are just dirty and smelly. But, I can't get rid of them because all my other sneakers are too nice to wear with the jeans I have that leave blue stains on my white shoes, so the dirty sneakers stay :smile:
  12. ^ agreed, my gym shoes are quite ugly but I resent paying money for something I'm only going to sweat in when that money can be deposited into my Chanel fund.
  13. My Crocs. They are soooo ugly but very comfy. I wear them around the house when I'm cleaning and stuff.
  14. lol i don't think those are bad at all!

    i throw away a lot of older shoes that i know i won't wear again.. but i'm sure at the back of my closet somewhere i've got some pretty ugly stuff..