What are your toughts on Abercrombie & Fitch?

  1. I've heard horrible stories about the guy who owns this company. About how he goes to the stores and fires people that doesnt look "good" enough, that he is racist and he wants to be forever young. That they hire only white people uses only white models in their campaigns. Is this true? I personally like their designs but I can not stand going into the store, its is dark and smells like a club minus the sweat. I was there only one time and I feel weird and totally out of place and went to Macy's instead. I got one jacket once but from Ross not the store and I paid 15 dollars only. DH says I am not allowed to buy anything from AF he hates that place. lol.

    I wanted this (178.00 USD)


    I got this instead (139.00 USD)

  2. I love Abercrombie. I do not care for many of their "stories" tho, and I do dislike the man who is CEO.

    However, I am 16. I am 5'1 and around 105-110 pounds. The clothes fit me great. I also shop at Abercrombie Kids (I know, sad right? haha) I love how soft they are.

    They are $$. I will admitt that. I shop clearence a lot and at TJ Maxx.
  3. haha I agree, their stores REAK. Like they spray the cologne around the place every day or something and it smells so stale.

    I haven't heard stories like those but I don't really care for A&F. I don't like the quality at all. I can actually say I've bought many many things for much less at much better quality than A&F and cuter styles... I used to be interested in their clothes but it passed after just a few tops. I'm 22 though, I wouldn't think twice about it for under 19 MAYBE 20.
  4. LOL.. I used to love A&F, shopped regularly every other week. My ex-roommate is an A&F freak!! well, I admit that I still love wearing their jackets & hoodies. I love their tanks too. :p
  5. AF is boring and totally unstylish. They come out with the same crap every season and it's boring. If you want to look like you're incessantly getting ready to camp, then I guess AF is appropriate. The prices are high and the designs are forgettable.
  6. I like the white coat you bought better.

    I actually hate Abercrombie clothes. The prices are unjustifiable and I find the sizing a little weird. And the stores are really dark, smelly, and loud.
  7. Not sure how A&F ranks over where you guys are but I get the impression its a mass produced brand? Prices are very affordable but quality is terrible, I have bought a couple of down jackets so far and the zips are always jammin and I see loose threads at the seams, feathers start falling out too =\ Not to mention the other stuff ends up at the outlet store selling for next to nothing.
  8. yeah I agree with everyone. I dont feel that bad now, yeah the store is scary, loud, smelly and dark.. so true. Its over priced and OMG they do come out with the same collection every year, I've never though of that.. WOW. I wear usually SM sometimes even XS and I shop sometimes at the junior section since I am hella short but AF doesnt fit me good at all, even the LG size WTF.. made me feel so fat.
  9. their sizes run really really small.....
  10. I agree with whoever said the store smells stale (way too much parfume)

    I'm not a big fan of A&F, but they're one of the few brand that makes sz 00 in shorts so, I still buy the shorts whenever they go onsale (that and abercrombie kids shorts.. embarassing I know.. I wear sz 12 in kids & my age is twice of that)
  11. I used to love AF clothes but as I'm getting older, I really don't care much for it. The style is always plain and boring to me nowadays. Like others, I hate the smell and the stuck up kiddies who work there...argg yuck!
    AND the price...oh you have GOT to be kidding me..with rubbish stuffs like that...for that price!?! haha I'd rather go to Nordstrom Rack
  12. i have this in blue!!!!
    i love A&F!!!!
    people here say its for "white people"....but i dont care..but it is expensive!
  13. I don't think about it much. None of their sizes fit my rather large upper body.
  14. totally agree
  15. My friend works at Hollister and they're required to spray that stinky perfume everyday. It's to create a scent memory for customers so that they associate that lovely scent with happy shopping at Hollister. I went in there once and it gave me a headache.

    I think A&F is very unstylish. I associate it with a dull preppy high school girl who does not know how to dress herself. The clothes that they produce all look alike, season after season after season. Fortunately for most people, they grow out of that uniform once they leave high school.

    Also, I think their "models" are embarassing. I especially feel sorry for those young men they hire who have to stand shirtless at the entrance. Over here, most people who walk by just look at them and think "what the f$&^?"