What are your top four favourite Paddington colours?

  1. The reason I ask is that I have owned many Paddies but now feel I have my perfect collection and wondered what your idea of a perfection collection of four Paddies would look like?

    A month or so ago I had a Muscade, Blanc, Black and Castor but now I have Brun, Creme 06, Mousse and Black and I think I am finally happy with my collection :love:

    btw, I loved the Blanc but I am too nervous around light bags and so changed it for the Creme 06 which is darker :yes: The Muscade is great but didn't really suit my colouring and so I changed that for the Brun and then the castor didn't work with my wardrobe so I changed it for Mousse! :sweatdrop: :push: I really should think more before I buy!! The black I will always love the most - it has the most wonderful leather of all my bags:heart:

    So ladies, which are your top three colours?
  2. :love: My top three colours:

    1. Craie
    2. Sable/Chocolate
    3. Whiskey
  3. (love the bag colection in your avatar!!!)

    I went through the same color 'adjustments' that you did. I started with mousse, choco and blanc, pictured here with Mom's whiskey:


    Mousse didn't last long after I found the loaf style and was lucky enough to get a bleu nuit and a grenat. But grenat didn't suit me either, so she left in favor of rouge.

    Now my satchels are rouge, blanc, and choco plus the others:

  4. I have to say I think the two best colors ever are Craie and Whiskey.

    Why oh why don't I have either?!?! :crybaby:

  5. ^^I love your bags! Especially the choco ;) :graucho:

    I love Craie and Blanc best of all but I'm too nervous around light bags :push: :sweatdrop:

    I had a whiskey paddy but it didn't suit my colouring (nor did tan or muscade) :sad:

    Anyone else?
  6. What color is Craie? Thanks.
  7. My favourites would be: Original Tan from 04-05, Gris-Vert or Mousse, Bleu-Nuit.
  8. I like British tan best

  9. Craie is a gorgeous off-white ivory/cream shade :love:
  10. Whiskey
    Bleu nuit
    Grenat or Rouge

    :yes: :nuts:
  11. I love whiskey and chocolate, but I don't own either in a paddy.
    Of the bags I own, I love my aubergine paddy satchel. I love the way the color changes depending on the light, and it has turned out to be way more versatile than I expected it it be. and I love my anthracite mini paddy. it's the perfect funky evening bag!:heart:
  12. 1. blanc
    2. mousse
    3. blue nuit
    4. whiskey
  13. same as chicky

    bleu nuit

    i have a mousse paddy and i love it!
  14. I'll go for:
    • Tan
    • Whiskey
    • Creme
  15. aubergine
    metallic bleu nuit