What are your top fave nail polishes?

  1. I love:
    China Glaze
    Sally Hansen
    Maybelline Express Finish
    Lancome Vernis

    I also bought some L'Oreal Bijou Facets and I really like it. It's true to color and doesn't chip so fast.
  2. OPI and Essie are the best and tend to last the longest on me. My pedicures can go over a month without chipping with these! When I go to the nail salon of course you can use their nail polish, but the one I go to does a great nail job despite the fact that their nail polish sucks! Therefore I bring my own OPI or Essies and wont wear any other brand
  3. OPI and Essie!
  4. :heart: OPI
    :heart: Chanel
    :heart: Lippmann
  5. opi
    1. Chanel
    2. OPI
    3. Essie
  6. I only wear polish on my toes and my fave is OPI.
  7. China Glaze

    I hate Essie. It is way too soft and you can easily get indentations in the polish if it doesn't dry long enough. In my opinion China Glaze is the best and lasts the longest even on real nails.
  8. Opi, Essie and Chanel.
  9. Opi
  10. chanel
  11. chanel and believe it or not I liked Mary Kay's polish(discontinued) but it lasts a while. I guess I am the only one who doesn't like OPI, it dries my nails out.
  12. OPI, chanel, Essie
  13. OPI and MAC. Believe it or not, I've never tried Essie!
  14. OPI
    Rescue Beauty
    Pro 10 (great colors, haven't seen it in years)