What are your top 5 most ugliest bag?

  1. 1. LV Tribute Patchwork Bag -so f*@!#% ugly!!!!!!! I still can't believe they made this! Even more I can't believe that its $42,000!! It looks like all the LV bags were melted together and made into one big bag. You would have to be blind and on crack to buy this!

    2. LV Mink Bum Bag -wtf?!! Why would they do this!! This is atrocious it is SO wrong in so many ways. For heaven's sake its mink and they graffiti-ed their logo onto it!!!!

    3. Versace's Hit Bag in Red Fur -If you carried this I think you would make all the kids cry they will think you murdered Elmo and made him into a bag!

    4. Chloe Beata Patent -Looks like a cocoon and its about to hatch a angry moth for living in this ugly bag. What was Chloe thinking on this one and why in the world would they try to make you pay $1,740 for this beast?!

    5. D&G Miss Easy Bag -It hasn't come out yet and sadly it will in Spring :sad: OMG this bag is so freakin ugly! If I ever see anyone carry this next year I might have to tell them off lol!!
    PH2007082101362.jpg ugliest_1_louis-vuitton-bum-bag.jpg versace.jpg chloebeatapatent1740.jpg 168m.jpg
  2. I like the Chloe bag :shame:

    I think Coach and Dooney have some really ugly bags, but I also think they have some cute ones :shrugs:

    I don't like colorful cloth/patchwork type bags... I agree with you about the LV Patchwork!
  3. What I don't like someone else may find adorable, so I hate to criticize. I will say that the ridiculously expensive LV patchwork bag is awful. Most patchwork bags don't appeal to me. Bags with a ton of hardware just make me wonder how heavy they would be to carry.
  4. I agree with this. I am sure I have some bags that others would find distasteful, but I don't want to hear them put my bags down, so I try not to put others down, either. Some bags may not be right for me, but they could be perfect in someone else's eyes.
  5. ^ word.
  6. Yeah, let's not go there. Can we end this thread?
  7. Certainly beauty IS in the eye of the beholder - but I don't mind saying (and I've said it before) I think the "Spy" looks like some sort of animal and the "B" bag is another famous hit that I find unattractive.
  8. I'll make a list that I know EVERYONE here will agree on.

    1. Fakes.
    2. Fakes.
    3. Fakes.
    4. Fakes.
    5. Fakes.
  9. I'm biting my tongue, but ROFL.
  10. I can't understand the appeal of the LV patchwork Tribute bag. Here in the DC area, the LV boutique sold one and the Washington Post routinely speculates on who bought it. LV won't say who bought it and according to the paper, no one has yet been seen wearing it.
  11. How right you are!!
  12. i would feel really badly making a list of the " 5 ugliest bags" for the same reason that others have given...if someone spent a lot of money on one of the bags on the "ugly list" they'd feel really badly....
  13. ITA
  14. ITA :tup:
  15. I dont know why you all would feel bad. Its almost like answering the thread about what bags everyone loves and you dont know why? Its just opinion. If you spent your money on it someone's opinion shouldnt matter. I personally would love to know what people find ugly and why, just like I love to find out hwy a bag is considered pretty. Now what I dont like is when there is a thread on a bag and someone comes in and interjects a negative comment out of the blue. THAT is rude!