What are your Top 3 Go To Bags?

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  1. Looking to add to my collection, and I'm in the market to buy a bag or two (pre-loved) to rotate throughout the year (less wear and tear)

    I'm thinking the Jersey Tote as one......

    What are your top 3 (or 4) go to bags?
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  2. If you’re asking LV...
    Catogram speedy
    Python capucines in kaki
    Onthego reverse
    Boite souple in reverse
  3. Pochette Metis Noir
    Petite Noe Epi Noir

    The rest of my go-to bags are not LV.
  4. Speedy B 25 in Empreinte, mono Speedy B 25
    Another vote for Petit Noe Epi in noir
    Delightful MM
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  5. Milla pm in Denim colour.
  6. NF x 3 (MM in Mono, another MM in DA and GM in the darker checks)

    I have a Sppedy but do not like the “black hole” even What a purse organizer and seems hard to find items inside.
  7. The LVs... Neverfull PM (DE) and Alma PM (noir, indigo Epi leather)
  8. Neverfull mm or totally mm for everything and work

    Bloomsbury pm for crossbody/bad weather/travel because it lays vlat under your coat in bad areas

    Pochette accessories in de with Eva strap for grab and go
  9. I find I use my speedy b 30 almost every day now. If I am not using it I am using my wallet on a chain. If you don’t have a speedy b I recommend one!
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  10. Pallas BB or Galliera (7 years and counting and still my favorite LV bag ever!)
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  11. Mahina Babylone Chain BB - I have three - noir, galet and magnolia - and carry one every day!
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  12. Tournelle PM and Raisin Retiro
  13. speedy b 25, neverfull mm, Graceful pm, favorite
  14. Thanks everyone! Yes, I meant in LV.

    I'm contemplating a Speedy 25 as well....
  15. At the moment : pallas BB, pm empreinte noir

    I also love Montaigne MM and Brittany, but I'm not much into handheld handbags right now and I don't like them with the strap.