What are your top 3 fave of your LV?

  1. My favorite 3 are the ones below. :p
  2. My fave three in my collection:

    1. Denim Baggy
    2. Bronze Reade
    3. BH/Sophie

    1. Framboise Speedy Key Chain
    2. MC Heart
    3. Framboise Small Agenda/Pomme Key Holder
  3. MC Wapity
    Damier Mini Pochette
    Damier Azur Pochette
  4. My top 3 favs in my collection are:

    Damier speedy 30
    Mandarin soufflot
  5. My top three:
    Mono Speedy 30
    Damier Speedy 25
    Mono Zippy Wallet
  6. Mine:-

    1) Multicolor Theda
    2) Neo Speedy
    3) Monogram Speedy 30

  7. 1. Mono Mini Pochette
    2. Yellow Epi Petit Noe
    3. Baggy GM in lichen
  8. Right now
    1. BH
    2. Cerise Pochette
    3. Perle Vernis Roxbury
  9. 1.) Petit Noe
    2.) Reade PM
    3.) Papillon 30
  10. Green Perfo Musette
    Khaki Green Graffiti Keepall 55
    Trompe L'Oeil L'Ingenieux
  11. Mono speedy
    Manhattan PM
    damier ribera
  12. Mono Trouville
    Mono Klara
    Mono Mini Lucille
  13. My LV fav's

    Miroir Speedy (either colour)
    CB Pap Brown/Pink
    Epi Cannes (Yellow)
  14. It's too hard. I know my Cuir Moka Onatah GM is number one but I can't decide amongst the rest. :p
  15. Rivetts puchette (love this baby)
    Mono ellipse
    mini mono marjorie (cherry)