What are your three must haves?

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  1. Im looking at downsizing my collection and I’m interested to know...

    “What are your three must have items??”

    I’m only asking for three must haves..
  2. My two LV items that see daily use are a key pouch and pocket organizer.
  3. Wallet
  4. Not specific but a crossbody, backpack and a lady like bag.
  5. 3 must-haves styles (for me) are:
    -clutch (special/dressy occasions)
    -shoulder/hand tote or crossbody (work or casual/everyday use)
    -backpack (travel)
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  6. Is this just bags? Or slgs too? On a typical work day I have my bag & just counted 5 slgs I have with me at work & actually use... :shocked:

    If it’s bags I say:
    1. work bag
    2. casual running around bag
    3. dressier bag for evenings
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  7. Bags I use the most are:
    -a tote (my Jersey)
    -casual weekend bag (PM)
    -understated elegant bag (epi Alma)
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  8. New to LV and this is exactly what I am working on - building a solid three pieces.

    Daily shoulder bag (Graceful MM)
    Smaller casual bag (Speedy 30)
    Fancy lady bag (something in leather, small, maybe a clutch, for going out)
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  9. Key pouch (I use it as a card holder), Neverfull (I don't use it right now but it's just a must-have), and the Frontrow sneakers (In full mono, SO COMFORTABLE!)
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  10. Smaller weekend bag- Pochette Metis
    Tote- Neverfull MM
    Everyday bag- Siena MM

    My life is very casual so I don't need a fancy bag. Think... basketball mom... :biggrin:
  11. Travel bag : Keepall 45
    Casual bag x 2: Graceful with mono strap PM in noir
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  12. Cles - for cards & cash; sometimes for key fob
    Pochette Accessories - when I only need to carry the essentials. It goes inside a bigger bag if I'm using one.
    Larger Bag - when I need to carry more stuff - my current favorites are my Speedy B 30 and Sully MM or Montsouris backpack
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  13. I guess for me, in order, it'd be

    1) Wallet (Rosalie for me) - self explanatory, used daily
    2) Pochette Accessories in DE - mini bag or pouch to put in backpack when I may need a purse later
    3) Cles - mini wallet when I'm using a tiny bag
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  14. 1. Daily tote (Right now my most used is the Cabas Voyage Monogram Legacy)
    2. Travel (Most used is my Keepall 45 Monogram Macassar)
    3. Coffret Trésor for my jewelry
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  15. I’ve only just started collecting and the first three pieces I have or plan on acquiring ASAP are:
    - Victorine purse in monogram with rose button (bought this last year)
    - a more casual crossbody bag (my husband bought me Beaumarchais in black last year)
    - a smaller evening or glam bag that I can take to weddings, dinner dates etc. I am yet to decide which one. I’d love to buy that in the first half of this year. If you have any recommendations/ones you love, Id be happy to hear.

    I have a bunch of LV and Chanel bags and slgs on my list, but I know I have to wait and put things in order.

    Loved reading everyone’s top 3 :smile:
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