What are your thoughts - Vinyl Cannage Shoulder Bag

  1. I am seriously thinking about ordering this tonight from Saks, but am looking for opinions before I make the jump (don't have any Dior bags...yet). I need to know though within the next hour or so due to the gift card event.


    I would go with the Burgundy if I purchased it.


    eta: I am totally open to suggestions for other handbags - they just need to be at Saks.com
  2. That is totally nice, the burgundy is definitely eye catching.
  3. i love it!!
  4. pretty, i like it too. :tup:
  5. It's gorgeous, I keep looking at that on the Saks site, I love it, the colour is amazing :yahoo:
    Get it and post loads of pics so I can drool and be dead jealous....
  6. I did order it last night along with a Jimmy Choo Mahala :smile:

    Can't wait to receive the bags!
  7. Yay, can't wait to see pics...
  8. oooh what a beauty i love that burgundy ! :heart: