What are your thoughts on...

  1. I am deliberating whether i should buy a reissue BUT it would be great to hear some of your opinions on the 225 size :yes:

    Is it too small? Too narrow? It seems like the 226 is a very popular size.. is there alot of difference between the 2 sizes? :confused1:

    TIA!! :heart:
  2. Thats such an awesome question I was going o post the same thing...does anyone know how the difference between the two is? any pics??
  3. :search::search::search::search::search::search:
  4. 225--9.75" X 7.06" X 2.16"
    226--11" X 8" X 2.5 "

    i refer to the flap/reissue thread in the ref library for sizing. page 5 has the list of all the sizes....
    i don't think the 225 is too small at all for an evenigng/going out bag, but too small for an every day purse.
  5. Thank you for that info!!! :flowers:

    LOL i searched for the dark silver reissue but i never saw the size info.. i must be blind hehe

    Does it mean 225 is too small to put daily stuff into the bag? :sad:

  6. i think so....unless you are a very light traveller...