What are your thoughts on this?

  1. Im not too sure, i dont think its my thing to be honest, but i know some ladies will love it!

    EDIT: its part of the AW06 collection by the way in case you couldnt guess!
  2. DH actually really likes this! But I want a City/Medium!
  3. I saw this on Balenciaga.com and I like it, but I think if I am gonna buy a quilted bag it is going to be a Chanel.
  4. I am not a Chanel fan, so maybe that is why it is not that appealing to me? I saw it at Saks and the leather is beautifully soft and the silver hardware ... *swoon* but ... there is something I find unappealing. To each his own.

    If *you* like it, you shouldn't give a fig what I, or others think!

    I wish you well,

  5. I like the bag but I'd get it in a brighter color.
  6. I agree with Kat, it would be so cool in a bright color. You should check out the thread on the turquoise padded bag; it's freakin' gorgeous!
  7. I saw it IRL and wasn't impressed because it feel pretty stiff and the front pocket isn't really one it's a fake pocket. I saw it in the olive brown which was a very nice colour because it looks like dark chocolate.
  8. Well CeeJay got a black one a few days ago, there's a thread on it... at first I was also err is this Balenciaga??, but after a few hours (!!), I was like, okay I feel this is the next it bag, in a month its gonna be on every celeb arm and we're gonna bend over backwards to get one ourselves...Like said on that thread http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/my-new-baby-black-medium-padded-41704.html?highlight=padded , the bag is a real classic, like you wont throw it away after a season, black quilted leather is always in fashion, and it has this Balenciaga edge so it doesnt look like ur grandmas Chanel either (even though I love Chanel too), apart from money the only reason Im not getting one is because Im not so much into boxy shapes
  9. I saw the black quilted bag in Selfridges a few days ago- I wasn't so keen but it's started to grow on me. I also saw and felt the "hook bag"- it's also growing on me. The AW06 leather is not as nice as the 04, 05 leather IMO. It feels a lot "stiffer".
  10. I bought and returned a black padded bag. I did not like the fact that the front zipper is decorative only (no pocket there) and when the bag is zipper, it pooches out at the side (you can see it a little in your picture). I never put my stuff in it - so maybe I never gave it a fair shake. :upsidedown:
  11. I think that bag is awful! I saw it in real life, and it's really ugly IMHO... I love Chanel and the classic flap is one of my faves in my collection, but this really looks like a nasty product of 2 companies' designs.
  12. ^^^OMG- I wouldn't go that far Tweetie!:lol: I haven't seen it IRL yet but I can't wait to check it out!
  13. It is a Marc Jacobs/Chanel hybrid LOL!
  14. Has anyone seen this in any other colors besides the black? Maybe it wouldn't remind us so much of Chanel if it were in another color? What do you guys think?