What are your thoughts on this....

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  1. I know alot of you have heard me talk about my girls...I have two min pins..Violet is almost 6 and Lilly is 3. They are hyper, fun loving mommies girls.
    Here is the deal...in the past if for some reason they escape from the front door they are OFF and running. Exploring the neighborhood, and will not stop for love nor money until they are almost 3 blocks away. I walk them ALOT, and they know our area well. I worry to death when they do the escape thing as they are so small and I worry about a car not seeing them and....I can not finish that thought..SO when we have company I can almost bet that they will get out atleast once. True to my thoughts this happened the other night. Violet got out and it was 8pm. After about 10 minutes I noticed she was not attached to my hip and started calling for her....my heart sank when she did not run to my voice. My aunt had just left and I thought oh no...the damn door...SO I look around the house ALL OVER...no Violet. So I grab my keys, ran to the front door, opened it and who was sitting there...VIOLET! I had tears i my eyes! I wonder why she did not take off??? My husband is out of town and she has been overly clingy...do you think she was just too worried to actually run off? I wonder why all of a sudden she has turned over a new leaf? thoughts?
  2. awww, maybe because she found herself all alone...at night.
  3. I don't know...very strange. I would consider myself very lucky. Our dog Winston has gotten out when someone leaves the back yard gate open and whoever goes searching is usually a mess of tears when they get back. He always runs to the same place which is the main road where he found a slice of pizza once.
    We don't have a problem with them running far when guests come. They like to be around for our guests :P
    Could you try maybe putting them in another room while you welcome guests? OR maybe if you have a treat in hand when you open the door they will get the idea?
  4. They LOVE our guests, they also love how our guests leave the doors open so they can get out to explore! They never run out when I open to greet, only when there is a vacant open door. I also have spent some fun times getting them both back to the house! Thank the lord the stay together when they both get out! I was just thrilled she was sitting on the door step...I praised her for ages!
  5. I don't really know why Violet would do that, but maybe she's changing. I can so sympathize with you! It's the scariest thing when they take off at the littlest opportunity.

    Hopefully your babies will stay safe and realize they've got it awfully good at home and don't jeopardize that! The "want to explore" gene just takes over sometimes.