What are your thoughts on this???

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  1. What do you think about this pochette? It's a small bag but I think it would be perfect for going out or just used casually in the summer.

    Also, does anyone know the name of the line and whether it's patent leather or not?
    Chanel 1.jpg Chanel 2.jpg
  2. It looks patent. Was this from the lucky charms ligne? I think that's what everyone on eBay is calling it.
  3. Nice....not sure abt the line but i've been seein this on eBay before!
  4. its from the lucky symbols collection. it is patent leather and surprisingly light.
  5. No No for me ... I saw it many times but looks so so to me.
  6. It's from the lucky charms ligne and it is patent leather.
  7. Definitely patent. I don't like it.
  8. i liked it when i saw it in the look book but not irl, sadly. too much bling and the embossed charms seem too busy!!
  9. i've seen it irl too ~ avail also in gold & in the wallet too ~ think it would probably fingermark v easily ~ if u kwim ~ pet hate of mine! :rolleyes:
  10. I saw it IRL too. It comes in beige, black, silver, gold and hot pink. Even though it's leather but it looks like binyl to me. I'm not a big fan of it. It looks like something that I would give to my niece.
  11. yeah, i was just going to say that it looks like something i'd see a teenager running around nyc with.
  12. It is cute. It would loo good for a youger person.
  13. I just bought the ice cube flap which is kind of similar but a little bigger and more Chanel looking. Colorwise, i think its great for going out. I will wear it day or evening. Sometimes you have something on that you cant match a bag to it, this is perfect.
  14. The ice cube flap is a better choice :yes:
  15. I think it's patent and I really like it, I've had it on a couple of times, I really enjoy the lucky symbols....... I think I preferred it in a different color but I don't hate the bright silver.