What are your thoughts on this Rolex?

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  1. Hi girls, I just wanted to ask some expert opinions:graucho:

    I bought a Cartier tank not too long ago :yahoo:, and I thought that it would satisfy my watch lust. But it was not to be :nogood:

    Now I have come across a Rolex that I find irresistable. It's steel, so not really a dress watch (my Tank definitely is) and I have a feeling it would be wonderful for those chilly weekends in jeans, or with a sharp black suit for work.

    There's a picture of it here: http://www.brisbanevintagewatches.com/watch/viewprod.php?id=676

    They are authentic second hand watches, and I walk past them every day on my way to work (it's torture:drool:).

    My questions: is a steel Rolex the type of watch that can be manhandled a bit (I'm so conscious of the delicate Tank bracelet, I've already scratched it a bit)?

    Secondly, is the salmon coloured face likely to annoy me a bit over time? Will it clash with clothes or other accessories?

    Any opinions would be gratefully received, thanks so much!
  2. I have the same - oyster bracelet but MOP dial. It suits me fine - it's my everyday watch. There are a few scratches on the bracelet as I've had it since I was about fifteen but can only be noticed if you look really closely. Rolexes take "manhandling" pretty well.:okay:

    IMO the salmon dial is fine - what colours do you usually wear? Is there a MOP dial or a white one? You might want to take a look at those, if you wear colours a lot, the salmon dial might clash.
  3. That is a beautiful watch. I actually like the salmon face, I think it is beautiful. I dont have too many watches, so in my case I would prefer a white dial just so I would wear the watch more. But that salmon color is so pretty!
  4. I find Rolex sturdier than most watches. Ive manhandled my Rolex watches ( I have 2) and they still look fine and Ive had them for more than 10 years. I also had this exact same rolex with the salmon face but I kinda wasnt liking the color overtime:tdown:. I sold it to a friend and upgraded to a midsize oyster with black face. Why not try the one with the white, MOP or black dial?
  5. The salmon dial is very pretty but I also ask if you would wear a lot of colors with it. If you woudl interchange this watch with your Cartier when your wearing red per say, I think that would work well. my first thought is that I don't think that I would like the salmon dial with reds or deeper shades of pink. I am very picky about wearing different colors together and tend to prefer neautral colors especially if its a piece that i will be wearing everyday... I have heard from others that teh salmon dial is prettty neuatral though but I havent seen it in person. I have also heard that Rolex is the ultimate work horse watch and after 20 years they still look amazing and you can always have them completly refinished to new by Rolex after a while... That is one of the reasons that I decided to get my first Rolex! I am partial to the MOP dial because thats what I just bought and LOVE and how it has soft relfections of colors in different lights! but I also do like soft shades of pink and how the salmon has a soft sheen to it like the silver, the white is simple but flat. Whatever you decide I am sure you will love, you can't go wrong with ROLEX!
  6. Thanks so much for your opinion everyone! Love tPF:shame:

    I will go and try it on and just see how it feels on. I get the feeling I might prefer a mid-size Rolex, the ladies might be a little bit small...:shrugs:
  7. I super love my midsize now! Ive gotten tons of compliments with it! go check it out!
  8. Actually may be worth looking for a datejust,bit more expensive,but if you want to change the dial there is so much more variety,and the datejust is a more popular model produced by Rolex.Plus the datejust,should you want to, has a higher re-sale figure.And yes with a sharp suit or jeans a Rolex looks fab and quite edgy,whereas your tank is a little more dressy and ladylike.
    I wear a gents GMT2 with jeans etc and I love how it looks with casual stuff,looks pretty good with a suit too!! I also have a mid size for more formal,dressy occasions.
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  9. Well said! Mine have taken a real battering at times but still look great! Rolex use a very high grade patented stainless steel,which wears so well and when they go for a service they come back looking almost brand new!
  10. i have exactly same watch. i've had it for years and i still love it! i think its cute plain watch!
  11. I don't like the dial color and the number on the face. the Roman number looks much better.

    Anyway, not a fan of Rolex.
  12. This watch is beautiful, I love it! I think salmon is a pretty neutral color.
  13. The watch is gorgeous, I have been eyeing that salmon face myself, I think it is a beautiful combination
  14. the salmon color is hard to see the time.
    there is a lady in rolex forums. She just purchased the lady datejust for couple of week, and now regretted and has wanted trade in for the mid-size without pink dial.
  15. I prefer a plain dial - white or black - more versatility.