What are your thoughts on this ring?

  1. I'm looking for an everyday ring with a colored stone. I don't want any diamonds on it. I usually only wear white gold or platinum, but this ring caught my eye for some reason. What do you think of it?

    Stephen Dweck - $535
    teal topaz stone
    engraved polished bronze setting
    scrolls and beaded motif
  2. it's pretty but i would prefer if the stone had a more old fashioned cut, something less sparkly like a cushion or cabochon cut. the setting is pretty busy so i think it would look better if the stone had a less shiny cut.
  3. I think it's beautiful and unusual. It would make a great everyday signature piece!
  4. I love it, but then I love Stephen Dweck!
  5. You are absolutely right. Also, ideally I'd like the stone to be a garnet. Would it be foolish to buy the ring and then change the stone? I really love the setting.
  6. it looks kind of manly... i think it's a bit bulky. but if you like that then it's pretty.
  7. Love it! Love the scale, love the color, love the setting! It definitely makes a statement.

    Go for it!
  8. That is a beautiful ring!!!
  9. I think that it is gorgeous just the way it is!
  10. This is a stunning ring! I would not wear it everyday though, it would be more dress up for me, but I really love it! It would look great on you :yes:
  11. I think this ring is gorgeous! And topaz is a great "Every day" stone because it's pretty durable compared to some other flashy but softer gems.
  12. if you really love the setting i say go for it. i actually love the colour of the teal topaz and it's just the cut that bugs me but it's probably not difficult or very expensive to buy a garnet with a cut you like and have it set into the ring.
  13. It kind of reminds me of a high school class ring, but in a good way. I love it!!