What are your thoughts on this piece?

Mar 19, 2007
LaLa Land

Please share your honest and straightforward answer re this Victoria Collection piece. I went into Tiffany's wanting to purchase the diamond heart necklace, but was so drawn to this bracelet. I walked out empty handed because I need more time to think.

A couple reasons why I like this piece:
1. It also combines diamonds by the yard.
2. It's contains the infinity symbol.
3. It's actually called Victoria bow bracelet and it helps me remember someone and something.
4. It's incredibly lightweight.
5. I always wear my diamond cross daily, this will be a nice addition on my non-watch wrist.

At first I didn't like this piece when I saw it online, but when I saw it in person and played with it, my heart melted. What should I do?


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Apr 11, 2015
It's very pretty and unique! Does the infinity symbol flip around on your wrist or does it stay put....and would it bother you if it did? Are you used to wearing bracelets? I love bracelets because you get to look at them more often than you would a necklace. However, I don't like bracelets because they can get caught on things more often. I would say that you think about it and "visit" it a couple of more times to see if you still feel the same way about it.

I had been wanting a Tiffany diamond cross pendant for the longest time. Tried it on for the first time last year. I thought about it all year long and tried to see if I could find a similar diamond cross but I couldn't. So I went back last month to Tiffany's to try on the small diamond cross and buy it. But I was surprised that I didn't love it on me! I ended up getting the Tiffany Crown Key pendant in white gold instead. So go figure! Anyway, good luck with what you ultimately choose. They are both lovely pieces. :smile:


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Mar 31, 2012
It's a very pretty piece, but something about it reminds me of a cross and I don't like to wear religious jewelry.
Did you try both pieces on to compare? If so, which did you prefer?
Mar 19, 2007
LaLa Land
Yeah this is a controversial shape because it looks like a bow, a cross, an infinity sign, a heart, a snake, and lower letter E,.....

Arghhhh...... and it's quite expensive too. I need more time.
Jan 20, 2011
I had not seen this bracelet before. It's beautiful! It doesn't look like a cross to me at all. I am definitely getting the infinity symbol and actually, in that particular photo, I see a bit of a serpent look, which I love. I can imagine how much this sparkles! I hope you get to visit the boutique and try it on again but I would vote yes on this piece, especially if it feels meaningful to you.


Sep 19, 2006
First of all, I love the Victoria collection, especially the classic pieces with 4 marquise stones. I am not a fan of this bracelet. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty but based on my experience, the flower is going to roll over to the bottom of your wrist often. That would defeat the purpose of this bracelet. I have 4 DBTY bracelets and the clasps do roll over to the bottom but not often. I have the Tiffany infinity bracelet and the infinity rolls over to the bottom of my wrist all the time. I needed to attach a mini pendant on the clasp to even the weight out.

With that said, I would pick the heart pendant if I were you. This is a big ticket item and those two pieces are not going to be discontinued anytime soon so take your time to decide.


Jul 30, 2008
I can understand why your heart melted. It's got the DBTY plus marquise plus a cool mysterious design.
Please go with your heart.
My only concern is flipping.
I recently bought an 18k and diamond Marco Bicego interlocking circle bracelet very similar in mechanics to that and it sits nicely on my wrist if I put it on exactly through the correct loop. If not, it flips to the wrong side.
I love it anyway.
And please don't worry what others perceive the symbol to mean....it's only your thought that counts!!!!


Nov 11, 2012
If this is a big-ticket item for you, go for the piece you love so much that you don't care what anyone else thinks.

However! Remember that if you buy the bracelet and don't love it, you can always exchange it within the 30-day window. You should certainly figure out whether you love the piece in truth within that time period.
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Nov 11, 2012
I wish Tiffany would make a pendant version of this bracelet! I love the double-bow better than the single bow.


Sep 30, 2006
I wish Tiffany would make a pendant version of this bracelet! I love the double-bow better than the single bow.
I was just about to say to OP that I would suggest her to get the Victoria Bow Pendent necklace, rather than the bracelet. So Tiffany does have necklace, other than bracelet. And they are the exactly same price for OP and the beauty of the Victoria Bow pendent is more visible at daily basis comparing to a bracelet.



Aug 30, 2016
I think you should go for the heart pendant. It's just so beautiful and you have wanted it for a very long time. I like the bracelet but wouldn't like it slipping around and flipping. It's also more likely to get damaged than the heart.


Apr 10, 2015
I say get the pendant! The braclet is pretty but would you be able to wear it daily?

I have the mini Victoria braclet ( 4 marquise diamonds) but I wear it only on special occasions and not as an everyday piece.

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Mar 19, 2007
LaLa Land
This Victoria bracelet costs US$5,200 for total carat weight of under 0.5 (marquis and round)

The large platinum diamond heart pendant costs US$9,500, but you get a total carat weight of 1.96 and every single diamond is bright and quite large.

So for value the heart pendant necklace is a much better deal. And I've longed for it for a long time (perhaps too long). The thing is, I turned 40, I'm not exactly a "sweet" girl, and fashion wise I'm quite edgy and forward. Skinny jeans and fur vest on casual days and tight hourglass dresses for special occasions. I'm trying to find a piece that'll fit into my overall dress code.

I'm afraid I won't be able to "rock" a heart pendant anymore. I really wish I were one of those woman who can wear a heart necklace into their 80s (because they are happy, satisfied, and loved), but am afraid I don't fit that "happy" image anymore.

So torn.