What are your thoughts on... [THIS FENDI BAG]

Dec 27, 2008
I'm pretty new to luxury bags, and so far I have one prada bag, one YSL, and one gucci all in neutral black/navy colors... but I really want to add color to my collection. I'm not really into bright colors - my favorites are olive, navy blues, burgundy, etc but I also really love mustard yellow (not bright, lemon yellow . but a mustard yellow with brownish undertones really makes my heart flutter).

Since I'm a student, I really can't afford trendy bags - as much as I love it - but I also find most "classic" bags a tad boring that don't fit with my style. One of my faves is the prada cahier, which is edgy and maybe not 100% a "classic" but I think will still stand the test of time.

I was browsing around and found a beautiful Fendi double micro baguette, I've inserted a picture below. What do you think of it? Is it too trendy? I know the monster bags are definitely way too statement for me to invest in, but I thought this was simple and understated enough that maybe it could work? Plus I love the color - I'm not sure how it looks in real life because it's been discontinued but I don't know if I should take a chance on it.... I am not familiar with Fendi at all... how does it compare to other designers?

And What do you think of this bag, especially the double micro baguette style?
Thanks so much !


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Aug 20, 2013
The baguette is definitely a style that won’t go out as it’s got that classic look. I’m all about color so I’m really loving this one and yellow is my favorite color. Fendi is comparable to brands like Gucci and YSL. The micro is pretty small but if it can fit your essentials I say go for it.


Apr 9, 2017
One thing I found with the double baguette style is that it's fairly thick for the size, and it therefore stuck out from my body at a slightly awkward angle when I put it on crossbody. You can see this a little on the model (I'm nowhere near as thin as the model, so the effect was much more noticeable). I second making sure your essentials fit in the bag. I seem to recall a larger iPhone did not really fit in the one I tried on, but the dimensions may be slightly different from the one you are looking at.


Apr 5, 2014
I got a bag this colour in my early days of bag collecting. Mulberry Alexa very trendy at the time. Got colour transfer all over the back on the first couple of wears. Learnt an expensive lesson. I think this bag is classic fendi and is beautiful, I personally wouldn't get a bag this colour again.