What are your thoughts on this bag?

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  1. http://www.balenciaga.com/us/en/balenciaga/Women/Handbags/TopHandles/P-City-Lambskin.aspx?VariantPropertyName=VariantId&VariantPropertyValue=803478366(BAL-Cruise2008WomenMasterCatalog)

    I hope this link works. It's the city in green. I think from 09. I'm thinking about getting it but I'm not sure how much it will go with. I've also been thinking about the latest pink and outremer. My only reservations with the blue is fading. I already own a black GSH city and a rouge vif twiggy. I want my next city to be in regular hardware. I wish I could get all three but that definitely isn't an option. Does anyone else have the green? Do Balenciaga greens fade?
  2. no thoughts?
  3. I would go with the outremer. I am not sure how the fading is with this blue....not sure about green bbags. I just think you would get more wear with blue....seems like it would go with more:biggrin:
  4. I have an 07 Vert Gazon (green) work and haven't had any fading issues whatsoever.
  5. ^Does it get much wear? I wonder how close Vert Gazon and the 09 Green are?
  6. Vert Gazon has more yellow in it than Pommier (09) which I think has more blue. I love my Vert Gazon!! I think its an all seasons bag!
  7. :supacool:I think the green is so fresh! Everyone is gonna get a more "wearable" color so i think its cool you wanna change the game with the green :smile: Its my personal fav.
  8. I have several green & blue bags (not all Bal, sadly) of many shades & to be honest, overall I reach for the blues more than the greens. Having said that, I've carried my green Papeete bag non-stop lately & can't imagine using anything else! Sometimes bags in bold colors like Pommier transcend their color and just become 'your bag', instead of 'your green bag' if you know what I mean....
  9. i don't really like that shade of green. i'd say go for one of the blues!
  10. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my Pommier Day. LOVE. I haven't stopped using my Day since I got it back in June 09. I've had absolutely no issues with fading and actually feel like the color has gotten richer now that it's broken in. It's a cool, vibrant green and people always compliment me on it. Be bold! :tup:
  11. I love my Pommier RH PT, too. Like Mia Bella's Pommier, it looks even better older than when it was new. It's a rich jade green , is how I'd describe it. Surprisingly it does go with a lot of colours and style, and the colour is wow enough for night-time, too.