What are your thoughts on the Rana?

  1. I'm not too sure about it. But if I had to chose I think I like the biker leather rana better ...

    What do you think?
    rana.jpg rana1.jpg rana2.jpg
  2. I love the Red Patent, but that is just my love for Patent:drool:
    I think all 3 of these are gorgeous and would love to try one of these styles. I just need to start changing bags more often to enjoy and appreciate my JC collection. I get lazy and stuck in a rut:blush:
  3. I'm the same way. I sometimes forget I have a certain color bag and buy another only to find I have a similiar one!

    I'm not liking the thin straps on this bag. They tend to dig into my shoulder and drive me crazy. I like the radiant much better and I really like the rock, too!:drool: