What are your thoughts on the prices of CB items?

  1. Need help from those who have been watching CB pieces' prices on eBay

    There are SO many Cherry blossom pieces that I still want to buy...brown pochette, brown papillon, cream pochette...however, I cannot afford all of those right now.

    In less than three years, though, I'll be going into an internship and from what I hear from the director, the starting salary is very good (for an undergrad student, at least)...good enough so that I could buy at least one LV every month and be able to save a significant portion of my salary :nuts:

    My only concern is, what if the price of CB items go sky high...very soon?
    After they discontinued this line in 2003, are the prices on eBay now generally MUCH higher than when they were still available in 2003? Or, have the prices been staying around the same, or just going up gradually every year?

    I've seen unsold CB pochettes at around $400, and papillons at around $900 for the brown one and $1000 for the pink one...so I don't know if I should start saving like crazy now and buy it ASAP, or if it's probably okay to wait until my internship in 2009 and just buy it then without worrying about it too much now...

    What has been the "trend" of the prices of the LE LV items? Do they go sky high in a few years, or do they usually go up in price, and stay around that price, even after a few years?
  2. Great question. From what I have seen for the Pochette, it is maybe a tad higher than the price for a MC Pochette. So it doesn't seem like the limited nature of the bag is affecting the price yet. Other people can probably help you on when the prices will start to rise.

    One thing to consider though is the longer you wait to buy the bag, the worse the quality of the bags for sale will be. They will be getting older and older and the bags that are still in good condition may go for a premium because there will be less of them out there.
  3. Maybe in 2009 there'll be some other lines which you might like better:rolleyes:.LOL OK, I think it'll be hard to find a mint condition one by then...I personally don't think it'll go up any much more...in fact it has gone down in prices recently.....
  4. I don't know much about the prices but I love the new, pristine looking pieces that the huangfamily sell. I haven't bought any though as the prices are:wtf: .
  5. i recently purchased a brand new brown pochette from let-trade at around 570 CAD. ..is that a really good deal? hehe i can't wait till i recieve it from my mom when she comes back from hong kong because she and let-trade met to trade :smile:
  6. Knowing myself, there very well could be something that I *desperately* want by then! :P
    I think the mint condition isn't a factor...I'm okay with used, as long as the vachetta isn't excessively dirty or water spotted...if by then I can still buy a good brown CB papillon for, let's say, $800 US, and the canvas/blossoms are still in perfect condition but the vachetta is too dark, I'm willing to spend around $200 to get it replaced! That's, IF there are no near-perfect papillons then selling for under $1000.
  7. I don't think it only costs $200 to replace all the vachetta for the CB papillon. :sweatdrop:

    If I were you, the best solution is to save and buy 1-2 pieces now, then if you are still very into CB by 2009, get the remaining then. By then, the prices might raise, thought I'm not sure how much. You know how frequent LV has their price increase every year. :rolleyes: It will somehow affect the prices in ebay as well.
  8. Gah some of those CB are TDF!
  9. I agree with Lee here with the prices going down. The CB paps used to be so expensive, $1k+, now you can get a decent one for about US$800 - $900. Also, a lot of the pochettes are unsold as well because they are like $500+ :Push:
  10. Didn't know that, I'd be willing to pay up to $400 for vachetta replacement but the bag will be well over $1000 so I may as well buy a new one...I do already have three CB pieces so far, and I'd love to buy another 1-2...but with a trip coming up, it's so hard to buy all the things I want! :Push: You're right, saving to buy 1-2 pieces now would be best but considering my situation I don't think I'll be able to...My fingers are crossed for the prices to not go up too much...
  11. BTW, I just got my CB cles today from ebay. It is so cute! Doesn't hold much in the zipper part, but it holds my keys well and looks great on my BH.
  12. I don't like using mine because it holds absolutely nothing. I have difficulty putting two cards inside and I keep my receipts in my wallet so really, I have no use for my cles any more. :crybaby:
  13. I'm not sure how accurate the info is but I actually heard it's $550 to replace all the vachetta for CB papillon. :sweatdrop:

    Good luck! ;) You'll get them eventually anyway.
  14. HOLY COW! :nuts::wtf:
    Oh my...that is ridiculous!
    But I guess since they don't make them any more...LV doesn't make the bows any more so it'd be more expensive to replace all of the leather.
    I guess I won't be buying any dirty papillon then. :lol:

    Thanks for the info!
  15. I think the price for CB or for any LVs on ebay mainly depends on the condition of the bag....but in some cases, u can manage to negotiate with the seller on the BIN price

    personally i don't think it will go up much higher than it is cuz there'll be more and more collectors' items posted on ebay and if the CB price is much higher than others, it won't sell and the seller will then re-post it with lower price, then that's ur opportunity!!! "a desperate seller" HAHA

    good luck :smile: